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My Starting Point – Chelsea Ruiz – Build A Routine and Ask For Help

June 3, 2014

Starting Point - Chelsea RuizHi guys, Chelsea Ruiz here again with blog post number four; if you’ve read the previous three you’ll know that I’m enrolled on the Medical Assisting program at the Carrington College Tucson campus.

Get A Routine & Ask Questions

Two of the biggest things to learn in your first few weeks at Carrington is the importance of a routine, and knowing that it’s more than okay to ask questions or ask for help.

Student Blogger Chelsea & AlexI’m definitely starting to fall into a routine; my husband Alex and I have got the mornings down pretty good. Trying to find time to study with a family can be pretty hard, but I haven’t let myself get behind yet – quite the opposite. If something is due in two weeks, I’ve probably got it done already. I figure as long as something is going to be due, I might as well just do it now.

I do have time to study when I first get home after class before my daughter Lillian gets home from school. I try to make the most of that time. The baby is usually pretty easy, he just watches me! I know that as the program progresses the classes will get tougher and more intense, but I’m prepared for the challenge.

Not being afraid to ask for help is an important piece of advice I’ll share if you’re just starting out. People who are farther along on the course are always really quick to help out if you are stuck. I feel that not only do I have the instructors here to help me, I have so many other people with different perspectives here for me if I need help with something.

Feel Good About Yourself Again

I’m so proud of myself that I’m finally doing this; I’m finally giving my life a direction. Sometimes the work seems so hard, but that just means that I get prouder of my accomplishments every day as I get through the work.

Feeling Good!I had to write a whole research paper a couple of weeks ago; when our instructor first told us about it, it seemed like it was going to be so hard. I was convinced that right there, that paper would be the reason I would fail the class. But I didn’t fail; I got it done and I’m getting good grades. I feel very confident and I feel so proud of myself; in fact I haven’t felt like this about myself in many years. Having been out of school for so long, this feeling of accomplishment isn’t something you get in everyday life and I love it.

Excited For School


Thanks for reading!