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Specialty niches emerging in healthcare job market

December 21, 2014

Specialty niches emerging in healthcare market.For students, it’s imperative that one stays up to date on emerging trends in the healthcare job market. Not only does this practice allow you to apply real world expertise to your ongoing studies, but it also hones your understanding of what you’ll be able to apply your degree to once your graduate. More and more in the world of healthcare, it seems that specialty jobs are emerging.

Much of this is driven by the continued stratification and growth of medical technology, and students graduating with specialized degrees may have an upper hand when they start sending their resumes out. Take a look at some of the recent trends in healthcare hiring:

Startups are growing medical coding careers

For the past few years, we’ve borne witness to an absolute explosion of growth within medical information storage. New regulations and practices regarding patient data and information have made this sector incredibly vital to the industry as a whole. If you’re currently taking medical coding classes, then you may be in luck when you graduate.

According to Techli, healthcare information technology is currently among one of the fastest growing career options in the entire nation.1 If you’re considering entering this field, you may want to bolster your resume with some additional programming courses.

Funding reaching new heights in start ups

It’s no longer the case that students graduating with a medical technician or assistant background need to find work in exactly what their specialty was as a student. Healthcare start up companies are innovating the industry while also offering the opportunity for new hires to gain experience in a wide array of areas.

While startups in many industries traditionally offer far less in terms of compensation, that shouldn’t be the case with healthcare IT companies. In fact, HIT Consultant has reported that funding for healthcare IT companies from venture capitalists exceeded $956 million in quarter three of 2014.2

Parlaying healthcare IT experience into further education

Many individuals who will leave school with a professional certificate may have dreams of one day furthering their education through med school or comparable programs. While funding for things like healthcare IT has been on the rise, more traditional career paths, such as neurology, have trended down.

Medical Xpress has indicated a shortage of neurologists, particularly those who deal with conditions like stroke.3 For students entering healthcare jobs who intend to go to med school one day, this sort of pattern may create a high demand for jobs.

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