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We believe in ‘Practice makes perfect’ with SimLink Experience!

June 7, 2011
Inside the SimLink Experience

At Carrington College, it’s our goal to give our students a health care education that prepares them for the real world; that’s why simulation assessment is a fully integrated element of all our Certificate and Associate degree programs including Medical AssistingMassage Therapy, and Registered Nursing.

SimLink Experience (TM) is a system of learning that uses an advanced simulation environment and custom-made scenarios to help our students gain confidence in their abilities, hone their skills, and achieve their education goals. Currently available at our Carrington College Albuquerque, NM and Mesa, AZ campuses, SimLink Experience gives our students a taste of both the ‘routine’ and the ‘unexpected’ challenges that can arise daily in health care workplaces.

SimLink Experience allows our students to taste some of the pressures and intensity of a real-world health care career in a safe ‘classroom’ environment. They benefit from the state-of-the-art technology and facilities that SimLink Experience offers, and the skills and knowledge of our instructors who have extensive training in custom-designed scenarios, manikin technology, and debriefing techniques.

For example, the lab in our campus in Albuquerque, NM features 11 student workstations including a reception front desk, 4 practice stations, 3 theater suites, and 3 observation galleries. 7 computer animated manikins are used in both the practice areas and the exam rooms/theater suites; the manikins display patient vital signs and the instructor-controlled blood pressure arm allows for variable systolic and diastolic pressures, and realistic palpitation; standard patients (real people!) are also used in the SimLink Experience.

An integrated system of cameras, microphones, and directional speakers capture every right move (and mistake!) for later review; while students in the observation gallery benefit from a live view of the theater suite through one-way glass and a dual-screen display that carries a live video feed and information such as manikin vital signs, patient records, or presentation content.

Our instructors can replay the resulting integrated videos (live feed and presentation content) in the lab or in any classroom on campus; what’s more our students can retain video files of their best performances to add to their educational portfolios.

To find out more about the SimLink Experience and the various Certificate and Associate Degree programs available at our Carrington College Albuquerque, NM and Mesa, AZ campuses, call a Carrington College Admissions Representative at 1.877.204.4718.


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