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Do You Shop At A Farmers’ Market?

August 14, 2013

why you should shop at a farmers marketAs a health care professional, no matter your field, you should be aware of the benefits of good nutrition, and a wholesome diet. So we have a simple question for you…Do you buy fresh produce and meat from your local farmers’ market? If not, why not? Here’s why you should…

There are hundreds of markets held every week in California, so you really have no excuse! Visit to find the certified farmers’ market closest to your home or Carrington College California campus.

Farmers’ markets have been growing in popularity in recent years as consumers like you discover the many advantages of shopping for produce locally. Our tastes are evolving; more and more of us are now demanding healthier fresh food in our diets and rejecting packaged, artificial products like soda.

In fact just last month the big three soda producers announced falling sales again. Did you know that soda consumption in the U.S. has fallen steadily since 1998* because of their link to weight gain?

Besides offering healthy fresh produce and meats, markets provide an important link between farmers and consumers. As a shopper and a food-aware consumer, the benefits of farmers’ markets are many!

  • You can be sure how your vegetables are grown and your meat is produced.
  • Access to affordable fresh food can help you improve your diet and nutrition.
  • Markets can be a great source of information & inspiration on how to prepare fresh ingredients.
  • Local markets help reduce food miles, thus vehicle pollution, noise, and fossil fuel use.
  • Buying direct from the farmer helps to reduce packaging.
  • They encourage more environmental production practices, such as organic or pesticide free.
  • They stimulate local economic development, encouraging consumers to support local business, and thus keeping the money within the local community.

If you’ve never shopped at a farmers’ market, now is a great time to start. There are so many wonderful fruits and veggies in season this time of year!

Use this link to find your local market and then follow these few simple rules…

  1. Try to get there early for the best choice – popular items will sell out quickly!
  2. Take small bills and change – the farmers will appreciate it.
  3. Take your own reusable bags – cut down on plastic.
  4. Walk the market and check out all the displays before you start shopping – there may be different farmers with similar products at different prices.
  5. If the farmer is not overrun with customers, ask him for advice on preparation or their favorite recipes using the produce you’re buying from them.
  6. Don’t over handle the produce, and then put it back!

Nutrition is important to all of us; it doesn’t matter whether you’re studying to become a Dental Hygienist, a Pharmacy Technician, or a Massage Therapist, you should be setting a good example to your family, your friends and your patients-to-be!

*According to industry tracker Beverage Digest