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Resume Strategies For Success

June 29, 2012

ResumeIn this day and age, it’s always good to have an up-to-date resume on hand. Even if graduation isn’t just around the corner, you never know when an opportunity may come up that needs a quick response.

Imagine meeting a friend of a friend at a social event; what if they happen to work in your industry? Perhaps the subject of your program comes up in conversation, and out of the blue they give you a business card and say ‘send me your resume in the morning.’  (Trust me, stranger things have happened!) Trying to scrabble together a rushed resume over night will not give you the best chance of success.

Having a well prepared, well structured resume on hand that you can quickly tailor to the position and company you’re applying for can be a difference maker. If you research resume writing and presentation online, you’ll soon discover that there is a lot of advice out there but some of it is contradictory.

Don’t gamble on your future, because your resume is your only chance to make a first impression. Be sure to take advantage of your Carrington Career Services team. Use their expertise to your advantage; let them help you craft a resume that reflects your personality, your experience, and is suitable for the industry you hope to work in.

Here are some thoughts from employers on how to make your resume stand out:

  • “Present your resume in a way that isn’t generic or bland, but also don’t overdesign it.”
  • “The design should be appropriate to the job you’re applying for, just as the content should be. If you’re a Designer you need to focus on distinctive presentation, more than you do if you’re an Accountant.”
  • “Specify the job that you’re applying for on the resume. You’d be amazed how many I receive that don’t. In a busy HR department it may be the difference between the trash & the in-tray.”
  • “While some are too dull and could use some ‘flair’, most of the resumes I see that vary from tradition are usually attempts to make up for something missing in the content, or in the background of the applicant.”
  • “There are many ways to stand out in crowd without being over the top. A fine choice of paper with careful typeface consideration and a logical layout will create a subtle distinction that speaks more loudly than if the resume is filled with the latest gimmicks.”
  • “When I’m hiring programmers, I’m looking for logical ability. So their resume should follow a logical pattern that makes it easy to find the information I want. When I’m hiring designers, I’m looking for creative flair, so by all means create something that stands out.”
  • “I recently sorted through 60 applications. I feel that applicants should demonstrate their skills by promoting themselves in a compelling way in their cover letter and resume – and present their contents logically and accurately.”
  • “I often see horrendous typos, including the names of current employers. One applicant said she’d ‘be an asset’ to Organization A when in fact she’d sent her letter to us at Organization B. Check, double check, then check your resume again. Then have someone else check it too!”
  • “I receive most resumes via email. Please don’t email me a resume with a doc/pdf titled ‘resume.’ When I receive one titled ‘John Smith Resume – Job Reference XXX – it really stands out.”

Don’t fret about your resume, but also don’t wait to put one together; the next party you go to might be the one where you meet that ‘friend of a friend’!  Schedule an appointment with Career Services today.


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