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Put Travel On Your Bucket List

July 15, 2013

TravelWe realize you’re kind of busy at the moment, what with your studies at Carrington College California and trying to build a health care career. But at some point in your life try to make travel a priority – put it on you bucket list!

Travel can broaden your horizons, it can open your eyes to the real-world, and employers tend to like it. Traveling is going to challenge your soft skills; communication, negotiation, cross-cultural understanding, self-sufficiency, and decision making skills are all put to the test. That’s why many employers like to see time spent traveling on a résumé.

It shows a level of independence, initiative and resourcefulness. It shows that you are able to move out of your comfort zone, and experience new things. It demonstrates that you are adventurous, and can communicate with different people in a variety of potentially stressful situations. All of these are positive traits from an employment perspective!

Of course all of the above is on the assumption that your travel takes you further than the next county, or even the next state. More and more Americans are learning to love international travel. In 1989, just 24 years ago, there were just 7 million U.S. passports in circulation.* That was less than 3% of Americans. Last year, just 23 years later, there were more than 113 million U.S passports in circulation. With a population of around 316 million Americans, that’s close to 36%.*

A portion of that huge increase can be attributed to new regulations that require we have passports to travel to Canada and Mexico, but 3% to 36% is a vast increase in a relatively short period of time.

Of course, you could always start your travel adventures by exploring our own great nation. One of the reasons why many Americans don’t have passports is the huge size of our country, and the fact that there is so much to explore within our own borders.

Did you know that the Great Britain is about the size of Oregon? That Italy is about the size of Arizona? That you could fit France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Luxembourg comfortably inside Texas? And perhaps most surprising, did you know that Germany (138k square miles) is much smaller than California (158k)?

Just like attending college, travel can be a great way to mark a transition period in your life. Everyone’s personal situation is different, and we’re sure that most of you are super-keen to get into that new career, but if you do have the opportunity to get out and explore the world some day, take it.



*U.S. State Department figures.

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