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Program Spotlight – Sales & Marketing

August 30, 2012

Sales & MarketingA career in Sales & Marketing can be exciting, challenging, frustrating, lucrative, and competitive. Professionals in this field play an important role in every sector of the economy. If you or someone you know is motivated, outgoing, driven, and looking for a business career where they can forge their own path, then a career in Sales and Marketing is worth investigating.

Students studying the Carrington College California Sales & Marketing associate degree program online soon discover that these subjects form an essential part of a business’s foundation, and that working in the field requires a multi-faceted set of skills.

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, businesses are looking for professionals who can find smart and creative solutions, solutions that can enable their organization to differentiate their products or services from their competition. A combination of creativity, strategic thinking and practicality makes sales and marketing departments critical to the success of most commercial businesses.

Our online Sales and Marketing degree program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop the specialist knowledge that employers tend to look for in entry level applicants. The program combines a mix of traditional study, online exercises and projects.

Students have the chance to develop the skills they need to develop sales and marketing strategies and procedures, to conduct market research, to identify trends, determine customer needs, perform sales presentations and develop advertising strategies.

In addition to the specific business classes they take, students enrolled in  our online Sales and Marketing program can learn vital business critical soft skills like critical thinking, information management, communication skills, and respect and responsibility; all of which contribute to their personal and professional development.

In our dynamic global economy, there is a constant demand for new products, services and even ideas. In an environment hungry for ‘the next big thing’, businesses should continue to need the skills of sales and marketing professionals, which can lead to diverse opportunities for successful graduates.

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