HealthcareEvery year on October 5th the world recognizes World Teachers’ Day. To celebrate, this month we will be recognizing nominated Carrington College California instructors for their ‘Commitment to Teaching Excellence’. Each week through October we will recognize an instructor from a different health care program; this is the first year of what we hope will become an annual event.

Campus Executive Directors have been asked to nominate instructors in the following health care programs – Dental Assisting/Dental Hygiene, Nursing, Medical Assisting, and Respiratory Care. The four recipients will be chosen by our school’s leadership.

The nominated instructors will be recognized for their individual excellence in their role. For delivering teaching that motivates intellectual curiosity in their students, that thoroughly engages students in the enterprise of learning, and has a life-long impact. These instructors not only make a difference in their students’ lives, but their community as well.

However we recognize that our programs are more than just the instructors, so we want to recognize our students and faculty as a whole, as well as those professionals in their specific communities. You may have seen some flyers and posters around campus, detailing some celebratory events happening at a campus near you!

Here’s the breakdown of the events for each week; note that not every campus will be participating due to the fact that program availability varies by location:

  • Week One (Oct 1-5)  – Dental Health Week
  • Week Two (Oct 8-12) –  Specialty Nurses Week
  • Week Three (Oct 15-19) –  Medical Support Week
  • Week Four (Oct 22-26) –  Respiratory Health Week

The honoree in each field will receive a commemorative plaque and will be featured in a blog in the coming weeks. Stay tuned and see if one of your instructors is recognized for their ‘Commitment to Teaching Excellence’.

Which instructor would you have nominated and why? Use the comments box below to share your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “October is Health Care Recognition Month!

  1. Lorena Martinez

    We have so many wonderful teachers here at the San Jose Campus that work so hard! How can I pick just one?? But since I can only pick one my nominee would be Mrs. Vargas! She is strict and by the books which I appreciate and respect! She has real life experiences and stories that makes the meaning of a rule sensible! She has tons of experience and is extremely helpful! She makes lots of informative handouts and explains them very well. It makes clinicals a smooth transition for term 1. I hope she gets the recognition for the hardwork and dedication she demonstrates everyday! Way to go Mrs. Vargas!!

  2. I received the October newsletter a little late, but I would still like to have my instructor from my campus recognized. I am currently enrolled in the dental assisting program from the Stockton campus. Not only do I believe that my instructor is committed to excellence, she is committed to her students. I can definitely vouch for her current students and her former students that she has and will have a life-long impact on us. She is always there for her students no matter how big or how small. She makes every experience a positive one even when we may find it difficult or challenging. She not only educates us about the curriculum, but she teaches us life skills that shapes our character. She takes on all roles on our campus from being the program director, instructor and our mentor. Shes is the epitome of hard work and dedication. I would like to nominate Donna Bega for her “Commitment to Teaching Excellence.”

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