Nursing is one of the highest demanded and fast growing professions in the United States. Although the nursing industry is female-dominated, more and more men are joining the profession. So what’s the difference between male and female nurses?

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6 thoughts on “What is the difference – male vs. female nurses

  1. Kelley

    Even though the nursing industry is still dominated by females, it is still surprising that males still make more. This shows that they are making a strong push to get more male nurses into the work force. I know that companies like Johnson & Johnson are making a huge push to get more males to enter this industry.

  2. mareshah chisuta

    What is the difference between male nurse and female nurse

  3. Jim B

    Male nurses pee standing up. Female nurses sit to pee. That’s the only difference I’ve noticed over the years.

  4. Craig

    Female nurses are constantly writing up their co-workers, constantly gossiping, gang up with other female nurses against a co-worker they do not like, constantly trying to get a doctor husband, and in general make everyone around them miserable.
    Males nurses mind their own business and do their jobs.

  5. Francis

    How about male nurses are physically capable of turning, moving, getting out of bed into a chair or just even sitting patients up. They are stronger and can do a whole lot more than a female.
    Don’t even try to compare female strength to a male.
    That ONE BIG reason male nurses get and should get more pay.

    • Donna Bruno

      I am not a nurse but have been a patient(female). Other than blood pressure and temperature taking, I would not let a male nurse touch me. I have worked in male dominated industries and had the priveledge of hearing men talk among themselves about women and most of it is pretty disgusting. Male nurses (and Doctors) are no different and they are the one most responsible for sexual abuse of women in the medical industry. Nurse or not they are still men and sexist. No male nurses for me I don’t trust them for a minute. No male gyno Drs either.

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