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Massage Therapy Students Apply the Magic Touch

December 15, 2015

Massage Therapy students at the Carrington College, Sacramento campus recently took part in Kaiser Permanente’s ‘Be Well Live Well’ event for employees and their families.

During the company’s annual wellness fair at Sacramento’s Sleep Train Area, six Massage Therapy students completed 100, 10-minute chair massages for attendees. Sacramento King’s mascot, Slamson the Lion, even joined in to lend a helping hand. Pic 1

“Getting hands-on experience (pun intended) is what prepares students for entry-level careers in massage therapy,” said KellyRae Brown, Massage Therapy Program Director at Carrington College, Sacramento campus. “Our booth often receives the most foot traffic at community events because everyone wants a complimentary massage!”

Not only do chair massages offer a variety of health benefits, they feel great and are popular among corporate clients looking to reward employees or show staff appreciation.

“Chair massages have the ability to work wonders for the body as well as a person’s mental state and sense of well-being and happiness,” said Brown. “Believe it or not, ten minutes is enough time for clients to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and energized.”

Massage Therapy students at Carrington College in California are required to complete 660 hours of training to earn their Certificate of Achievement in Massage Therapy, which is often why they spend a great deal of time in the community offering massages. For students, class time is used to observe demonstrations of massage techniques by the instructor, while outside events allow them to practice and hone their skills. Pic 2

The Massage Therapy Certificate of Achievement program at Carrington College provides graduates with the knowledge, confidence and hands-on skills necessary to help them achieve success in a profession that is rapidly growing .

Post-graduation, students are able to work in professional settings such as a chiropractic office, physical therapy office, a day spa, medical massage therapy clinic, sports facility, health club, self-employment or for a corporate chair massage provider.

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