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Make The Most Of Your Campus Services

June 1, 2012

Student ServicesAt Carrington College California our commitment is to our students. When you need support, you’ll get it. When you need encouragement, you’ll find it. When you need information, you’ll have it. To honor that commitment we want to emphasize the importance of the Campus Services available to you.

Each and every one of our Carrington College California campuses has a Career Services department, a Student Finance department, and instructors who will gladly provide extra one-to-one tutoring to help you achieve your educational goals. We want to help Carrington students and graduates transform their lives through their education, and that’s why we provide these excellent services.

Career Services

Resume writing, interview techniques, job-search strategies, job-market orientation. These are just some of the skills that your campus Career Services department can help you with. These soft skills may be just as important to your job hunt as the technical skills you learn in the lab and classroom.

The friendly folks in the department at your campus will help you build a resume that reveals the person you really are, as well as crafting the presentation of your skills and qualifications in a way that will be beneficial to prospective employers. Interview preparation will include some role playing and mock interviews. The team will also highlight the valuable communication and interpersonal skills that are important to today’s employers.

The goal of Career Services is to help graduates establish the right fit in their new career; it’s a resource that Carrington students and graduates should really make the most of. The team has access to valuable resources, can offer great advice, guidance and provide a helping hand. The availability of these services doesn’t stop at graduation. We offer complimentary career assistance to all our graduates as they take the next step in their new careers.*

For more information contact the Career Services department at your campus, or call 1.877.206.2106

Student Finance

Everyone’s individual financial situation is unique; there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to student finance. As a college, we participate in a variety of federal and state student financial assistance programs, as well as private third-party financing.

Because of the uniqueness of situations, all Carrington College California applicants are asked to schedule an appointment with the Student Finance department at their local campus before they enroll. By doing so, the Student Finance team can work with individual students to determine their eligibility for financial assistance to help them meet their educational expenses.**

For more information visit the Financial Aid section of the Carrington College California website or contact your student finance office. You can also find additional guidance in the Carrington College California Academic Catalog.

One to One Tutoring

If you are having trouble with a particular topic or class, don’t struggle on alone, speak to your Carrington College California instructor. Our faculty members like to think of themselves as mentors, not just teachers. They want to see you succeed, and will do everything they can to help you.

Let them know you’re having difficulty with a class or subject and they will gladly set up a time for some one-to-one tutoring to help you get to grips with the problem, and help you find a solution.

Our Campus Student Services are a valuable resource, but it is amazing how many students don’t take full advantage of the experience and expertise of our faculty and staff. Be sure to make the most of your instructors, Career Services, and Student Finance department – we’re here for you.

*Success in securing employment depends on the graduate’s efforts and motivation, as well as on the student’s educational performance. Carrington does not guarantee employment, nor employment within specific salary ranges or areas.

Program availability varies by location.

** Financial Aid available for those who qualify