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Lessons to learn from our favorite characters’ terrible interviews

February 13, 2013

InterviewPop culture is often impossible to escape in today’s media-driven world. While there are certainly life lessons to be learned from some of our favorite movies and television shows, you might not have thought about the lessons you can learn from your favorite Hollywood characters who just seem to do everything wrong. In a recent article for USA Today, author Ellie Jesse came up with six Hollywood characters that you do NOT want to imitate during your internship. Here are some of the stand-out characters:

1 & 2. Brennan Huff and Dale Doback’s job interview

Many have seen the movie “Stepbrothers,” released in 2008 and featuring the comedy greats Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. The movie centers around two middle-aged men who are still living at home with their parents and forced into becoming adults and making responsible decisions … including getting jobs.

“Brennen and Dale [Ferrell and Reilly] walk into their interview in tuxedos, mispronounce their interviewer’s name and come completely, yet hilariously, unprepared,” wrote Ellie Jesse.

The lesson we can all learn from their hilarity is to always prepare for your interview. Jesse suggested talking to former interns to put your interview into context, researching industry news and coming prepared with ideas and projects you can tackle during your internship.

3. Jerry Maguire

We’ve all seen the movie “Jerry Maguire,” and Tom Cruise’s infamous farewell scene from his office after getting fired. Not only does he make a scene and scream at his bosses, but he pleads with his colleagues to leave the company and join him.

While this is tempting behavior if you should ever be fired, resist the urge to scream and always leave your internship on a positive note. You never know if any of the connections you’ve made there will be able to help you down the line.