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Learn What This Carrington College Graduate Loves About Her Career as a Registered Nurse

May 20, 2021
main Learn What This Carrington College Graduate Loves About Her Career as a Registered Nurse

Alexia Savianeso-Bautista graduated from the Registered Nursing program at the Carrington College Tucson campus in 2020.


Before studying to become an RN, Alexia worked in the medical field as an OB/GYN surgery scheduler, and in registration in the ER. A busy mom to twin nine-year-old boys, Alexia had a busy year in 2020. Not only did she graduate from the RN program, but she also got married.


“Alexia was a great student,” says Melinda Arias, Dean of Nursing. “She actively participated during class and had a great bedside manner at clinical. Alexia has a great passion for nursing and wanting to help others.”


Alexia now works as a new graduate RN at Banner University Medical Center in the Emergency Observation Unit.


Here, Alexia shares more about her experience as a student at Carrington College, her career
path, and what she loves about being an RN.


Have you always been interested in Nursing?

Yes. When I was pregnant with my twins, I was in and out of the hospital and doctor’s office, so I had the chance to really see how hard nurses work and how involved they are with their patients. I knew I wanted that for a career. I was also influenced by the NICU nurses I encountered when I had my sons, and my drive to be more financially and emotionally stable for them.


Why did you choose Carrington College?

I chose Carrington because they had no waitlist, they had an accelerated program, and offered a ton of hands-on opportunities in their lab.


How did the Registered Nursing program prepare you for your career?

While I was in the program, I got to know so many nursing instructors with different levels of experience. Getting to know their teaching styles and life tips really helped me grasp what was important as a nurse.


Did you have any challenges during school that you had to overcome?


As soon my cohort got into our nursing “core” classes, COVID-19 hit and we were faced with doing online simulation instead of going to clinicals at a hospital. It was an emotional and physical hurdle to overcome. I worried we wouldn’t get the skills we needed to be great nurses. After graduating and taking the NCLEX, though, I realized that even though I lacked that experience, I had a good overview of knowledge. Once I interviewed for my New Grad position, I was told over and over that we would learn all we needed to do while learning the job we were hired for. So, no matter the obstacles we faced during COVID-19, Carrington prepared me for being a nurse!


What do you enjoy most about your work?


I like the newness that each day brings. I also enjoy seeing people in different roles working as a team to benefit the patient.


What do you find most challenging about your job so far?


Working in a hospital as a new graduate is challenging on its own. There are lots of things to learn and a lot of people to learn from. The learning never stops.


How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your duties?


Honestly, a pandemic for a nurse is like a busy restaurant for a waitress. The duties are the same, just at super speed. There are super busy days, and there are days that are the opposite, but each day brings something new to take home.


What do you like most about nursing?


I like knowing that I have made a difference in someone’s life, even if it is something as small as getting them a cup of coffee at 3 AM.


Did you ever want to quit? What got you through the hard times?


As much as I joked about it, I never wanted to quit school. There was a running joke that I had mental breakdowns every Thursday due to school stress, but it paid off in the end.


Is there an instructor of staff member that you’d like to acknowledge?


They all made an impact on my learning. Dr. Carpe, Professor Treanor, Professor Nosek, and Dean Arias taught me every concept that has stuck with me throughout the two years of being there.


What advice do you have for students in school now?


Stick with it and try your best. It’s easy to quit or become overwhelmed but taking a step back and prioritizing helps. Also, don’t forget to laugh at yourself. Things change all the time and often don’t make sense, but school is only temporary.

What do you wish you had known at the beginning?


I wish I would have known that no one expects you to know everything as a new graduate. I was convinced that I wouldn’t be hirable if I couldn’t place all my IVs on the first try…that is definitely not the case.

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