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Keep Your Resume Current

October 23, 2013

Keep Resume CurrentWhen you leave Carrington College after graduation, our hope is that you will soon transition into a job you’ll grow to love. You’ll be working hard to make a good impression in that first role, learning as much as you can about your new job from those around you. You’ll be so busy developing your new skills and building your new career, you may not give much thought to maintaining your resume. Why should you? After all, you’ve got your dream job.

The problem is you never know what life is going to throw at you. There are all sorts of reasons why you may need to move on one day: maybe you’ll outgrow your current position, decide to leave for a different office or specialty, perhaps a new boss will arrive who you don’t get along with. Whatever the reason, if you haven’t given any thought to your resume since getting your last position, you’ll be at a disadvantage when you have to get back into job search mode.

You don’t need to update your resume on a weekly or even monthly basis, but you should always be prepared for the day when you need to re-enter the job search market. It’s more than likely that day will come at some point. It could take a few years, and when it does you need to give yourself the best shot at getting a new position quickly and efficiently. If you follow these five simple thoughts, you’ll have a better chance of finding your next dream job.

1. Keep your resume current
Keep your resume updated with new accomplishments, qualifications or skills. Review it every three or four months; that way as soon as a new opportunity comes up, you’ll have a rocking resume that’s ready to go. Don’t find yourself in a position where you have to spend hours trying to remember everything you’ve done or accomplished over the past five years.

2. Continue your professional education
Follow your instructor’s example and become a lifelong learner. Never stop learning. Stay current by seeking out certifications, available training and professional development opportunities. Not only will it bolster the depth of your resume, it will demonstrate your desire to excel in your profession, and that can make you an excellent employee and an excellent job candidate.

3. Be informed
Linked to #2 above, be sure to maintain your interest of developments in your profession. Not just because it will make you better prepared for the day when you re-enter the job market, but it will help you perform to the best of your ability in your current role. Read industry journals and papers, join associations – stay current.

4. Stay in the loop
Keep in touch with all your old contacts even if you do find yourself in your ‘dream job’; don’t let your networking efforts slip just because you’re not looking for a new position. If you can maintain those contacts and relationships, then when you do need to reach out to your network they’ll remember who you are. Make a start today. Why not join our own Carrington College and Carrington College California student & alumni networks on LinkedIn?

5. Remember your career path
Always remember why you took this path, and continually review your career goals. When the time comes for the next job search, if you already have a good idea of the direction you want to take, you’ll be better prepared when it comes to looking for that next great position.