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Interview advice for pharmacy technicians

November 19, 2013

Set yourself up for pharmacy tech interview success with these tips.Are you approaching the end of pharmacy technology school and concerned about the interviews you are about to face? While the situation can be nerve-wracking, landing an interview means you’ve already fought half the battle (they must have liked the looks of your resume – points for earning a pharmacy technician degree!). To prepare for your interviews, follow these simple tips for success:

Prepare answers to possible questions

Most pharmacy technician interviews will cover the same sort of general questions, so it’s a good idea to think about what your answers might be before speaking with a pharmacist or hiring manager. It’s important for pharmacy techs to be strong communicators, detail-oriented and have the ability to manage multiple deadlines without compromising customer safety. When the interviewer asks you about situations you may encounter on the job, be sure you are able to answer with concrete examples of how you might respond.1

Be specific about your knowledge and skills

Being a pharmacy technician requires a number of specialized skills, including packaging and labeling prescriptions, and knowledge of common medications and how they work together, as well as possible side effects they may cause.2 While earning a pharmacy technician degree will indicate to your interviewers that you have received the training necessary to master these skills, they may require additional proof. Be prepared to get specific when you describe your organizational skills or your knack for maintaining precision.3

Set yourself apart from the pack

If there are several people with pharmacy technician degrees interviewing for an open position, you’ll need to focus on the challenge of setting yourself apart from the pack. Before you even submit your resume, double check to make sure that you’ve listed all of your pharmacy experience, including prior jobs, internships and externships. Volunteering is another great way to make sure that you stand out and increase your chances of getting the job.4

Always be honest

If you get the sense that the interview is not going well, that is not an excuse to begin stretching the truth. In order to maintain credibility in the pharmacy technology community, it’s vital that you are completely honest and only present accurate information on your resume and in interviews. Potential employers may want to verify everything you said in the interview, so it’s a good idea to have a list of references and their contact information on hand – just make sure you ask their permission first!5

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