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In My Words – Meet Felicia Maldonado

July 5, 2013

Felicia MaldonadoFelicia Maldonado is a student in the Medical Assisting Certificate program at the Carrington College Albuquerque campus in New Mexico. The campus, not unusually for Carrington, has a tight-knit community feel about it. That closeness has helped Felicia navigate a few bumps in the road along the way, and ultimately succeed in her education goals.

Just like all of our locations, when students first arrive at our New Mexico campus they feel a positive, encouraging atmosphere. We wanted to share Felicia’s thoughts on the school, the program and her education, written for the Albuquerque campus newsletter last month.

“My life at Carrington College started in September 2012. I am going to be 40 years old before I graduate. My experience with Carrington has been awesome in a matter of speaking. From the first day that I walked into the building I had a strong feeling that this was the school that I needed to attend to further my education.

From day one the staff and other students have been very helpful; they have answered any questions that I’ve had on just about anything. I have had some family issues (who hasn’t) and the school and staff provided me with resources to help me deal with them, so that I could continue my education without kinks.

The program that I am in is Medical Assisting. This is only one of the many programs that I had to choose from. In this program you learn how to take patients vitals, how to draw blood and more. I have really enjoyed coming to school here at Carrington. They have helped me to succeed in my goals to better my life and that of my family.

My children have never been more proud of me, and I have become their role model and that is thanks to the teachers, counselors, and all of the staff. If it wasn’t for all of the help and encouragement that you offer I probably would not be graduating in August 2013.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!”

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Felicia; we’re so excited for your graduation next month! Congratulations on all your hard work and perseverance. You deserve your success.


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