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Graduate Spotlight – Meet Naomi Hiatt

October 6, 2011

NaomiHiattNaomi is our spotlight graduate this month; Naomi graduated from the Medical Billing & Coding certificate program at our Phoenix Westside campus earlier this year.

Naomi works as an Electronic Payment Poster for a medical billing services company in Phoenix. Having been unemployed for 2 years before going back to school, Naomi was thrilled when she got her job; “I was actually hired about a month before I graduated; so I was going to school and working at the same time. I was extremely excited about that!” 

Naomi was encouraged to study Medical Billing & Coding (MBC) by family members; “My daughter’s grandmother is a doctor and her sisters both work for
Medical Billing and Coding firms, so they put the idea in my head!”
 But it was 3 years after that seed was planted before she seriously contemplated going back to school.

After losing her job as an Assistant Office Manager for a construction company, followed by 2 years of unemployment, Naomi knew she had to do something to get back into the workforce. “I decided to go back to school and re-train. I came down to Carrington and picked up some information on the program, discussed it with my family, and decided it was the right thing for me to do.” 

Naomi chose our Medical Billing & Coding program because of its speed; the program typically lasts about 10 months.  “The program moves at such a fast pace, it’s perfect for people like me who pick things up and run with them. We were having finals every 15 days; it was crazy, but definitely worth it!”  

She was also delighted with the experience of our faculty members; “Everybody was extremely knowledgeable about everything we were taught; they’ve all worked in the field, they’ve been teaching in the field for years. The Program Director is actually teaching students ICD-10, which is the new coding system that comes out in late 2013. They’re preparing their students now.”

Naomi finds the MBC field interesting because things change literally on a daily basis. “It’s very fast paced. We work for over 200 doctors in Arizona, Utah and Nevada, 8 of us process all the payments from insurance companies. The end of the month is kind of crazy, but we get through! You’re constantly learning new things in Medical Billing & Coding; it can be a little overwhelming, but it is exciting!”

Thanks for volunteering to be in our Spotlight Naomi, and good luck with your continued career!