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Graduate Spotlight – Meet Lorraine Sanzari

December 13, 2011

LorraineLorraine recently graduated from the Registered Nursing associate degree program at our Phoenix-Westside campus in November – Congratulations Lorraine!

Lorraine had gone from job to job doing what she could without a degree, but she realized that she could only get so far without a qualification. “I’ve always wanted to work in the medical field, to be a nurse, but I didn’t have the confidence to go for it. I finally realized that if I wanted to stop living paycheck to paycheck, and actually have a fulfilling life, I needed to go back to school.”

Lorraine had several friends who had attended different programs at Carrington College and they all recommended our school to her. “I did tour some other schools, but it just didn’t feel right. As soon as I came to Carrington it just felt right to me; the atmosphere, the staff, the way they interacted with everyone.”

Lorraine’s friends had graduated their programs before she started at Carrington, so she didn’t know anyone when she started at our Phoenix-Westside campus; “The friends who recommended I come to Carrington were all working, happy and successful; but it was great because I made a lot of new friends here.”

When we spoke with Lorraine, just prior to graduation, she was in the midst of her clinical externship at John C Lincoln Hospital. “The ‘clinicals’ [externship] are very exciting, lots of fun.  We have different rotations at the hospital; in the ER, the cath lab [catheterization lab] and the OR.”

Lorraine was pleased with the externship schedule, as she felt it gave her time to keep up with her other program commitments.  “It’s just one day a week; we go to pick a patient the evening before and that gives us time to prepare a care plan. It worked great because it’s not too overwhelming; you still have your classes and your homework the other days of the week.”

To close our chat with Lorraine, we asked what advice she could offer prospective students thinking about studying our Registered Nursing degree program; “They should know that it takes commitment, but it is definitely rewarding. Two years sounds like a really long time, but it goes by so quickly. Don’t be intimidated by ‘two years’, just go for it, don’t put it off! Carrington College is a really great school and I definitely recommend it.”

Thanks for volunteering to be in our spotlight Lorraine; Happy Holidays and good luck with your nursing career.

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