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Graduate Q&A With Medical Assisting Graduate Karina Ramos

December 21, 2021

Graduate Q&A With Medical Assisting Graduate Karina RamosAshley Throwell, an instructor for the Medical Assisting (MA) program at the Carrington College San Jose campus, nominated her former student, Karina G. Ramos, for a graduate spotlight story because she stands out in so many ways.


“She did so well in the MA program despite having several outside factors that could have potentially hindered her success,” Ashley explains. “On top of working a full-time job, she was also a full-time student and a full-time single parent to a beautiful daughter. She managed her time—juggling several different obligations—all to be a successful student.


Ashley explains that Karina also demonstrated excellent leadership qualities.


“Whenever we had new students start in the program, she was constantly taking the initiative to assist them and help them become acclimated to the class and the program. She was courteous, patient, and very kind; I believe it was with these qualities that she obtained a full-time position at her externship site. I can confidently say that Karina will excel in the medical field; her natural ability to learn skills quickly and put patients at ease will draw patients to her. I am beyond proud of her success and very happy to call her a colleague in healthcare.”


Karina’s ability, drive, and outlook are inspiring to all around her—here, she tells us a little more about how she found the MA program at Carrington, how she met the challenges at school, and how she now spends her time at her new job.


What made you want to study Medical Assisting? Were you inspired by anyone or anything in your life?

I have always loved everything having to do with the medical field. I was constantly at the doctor when I was little because I was always sick, and that made me start to be interested in hospitals. I told myself that one day, I would be working in a hospital helping people, too.


How did you find out about the MA program at Carrington College?

I had heard of many schools with Medical Assisting programs, but I never really looked into them. So, I looked at other programs—when I looked at Carrington, I loved the staff right away. The program worked with my schedule, it was close to my house, and they would work with me. Carrington felt so welcoming!


What was it about the MA program that made you decide to enroll?

I felt so welcomed. I went online and put in my information that I was interested in, and I got a response right away. From that moment on, I was extremely impressed with how friendly and helpful the staff was. Everyone helps you, step by step, and for a first-time student like me, it made me feel supported.


How was the program? What was the biggest challenge, and what was your favorite part?

The program overall isn’t easy; it does challenge you, but it is definitely worth it! It’s a lot of information in a short period of time, but it’s great. My biggest challenge was drawing blood from the hand; I would get so frustrated when the veins would move, but I kept practicing. My favorite part was learning all the hands-on stuff, like vitals, drawing blood, EKGs, etc.


How did you keep yourself going when things got challenging at school?

I was going through a lot when I was attending Carrington, but as a parent, you want to do your best for your kids, and in my case, as a single parent, I wanted the best for my daughter. I want my daughter to be proud of me and I want to inspire her to follow her dreams when she gets older. I also wanted to make my own parents proud—I had a daughter at a young age, but I promised them that I would not give up on school and I was going to make it—and I did!


What are your responsibilities at your current job?

I am currently in the specialty department at Concentra Urgent Care.  I check in patients, vital patients, sometimes I give injections (per doctor), schedule patients for their next follow-up, request surgeries and other procedures, and I also checkout patients. I love my job!


What would you tell a student just beginning the program, or what do you wish you had known at the beginning?

I would tell students just beginning the program that it’s not going to be easy, you will be challenged in one way or another, but that is how you learn and develop your skills. I did it being a single parent, working a full-time job, and you can do it, too! I honestly was happy with the entire program. The staff is great, I loved my instructors and the school!

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