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Got a smartphone? So do medical schools

June 1, 2012

medical school smart phone appsIf you’re like millions of Americans with smartphones, you know how amazing these little mobile devices are. With an array of downloadable applications and web browsing capabilities, smartphones have not only enhanced our day-to-day lives but are also showing up in medical schools across the nation.

If you’re studying to become a physical therapy assistant or want to pursue a career in dentistry, you may be pleased to know that your smartphone could help you get better grades and understand the full scope of medical vocabularies.

According to U.S. News and World Report, some of the most prestigious medical schools in the country are thinking about supplying their students with smartphones that already have the mHealth application installed. Used by medical professionals worldwide, mHealth takes full advantage of mobile communications by supplying vital health information and diagnostic services in underserved areas. The application acts as a handheld textbook and is one of the many medical-focused applications that are currently changing the way doctors and medical assistants access information.

In the classroom, smartphones can act as a way for professors to gauge class participation. Students are increasingly using Twitter during lectures to ask questions and make comments, allowing even the shyest participant to have a digital voice.