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Gio Bote is Following in his Family Footsteps and is on track to Graduate the Nursing Bridge Program at Carrington College’s Boise Campus!

April 14, 2022

Giulliano Bote began his journey with the Carrington College Boise campus in December 2021 as part of the Nursing Bridge program. As a former Medical Assistant and EMT instructor, he recently volunteered at an Imagine Dragons concert which gave us the opportunity to discuss his background and goals upon graduating the program.

A lot of his success and inspiration comes from his family, who for generations have worked in the healthcare industry – from Romania to Scotland. We were so impressed with his passion and hard work that we decided to interview him and share some of his thoughts, as well as advice for other students who may be interested in following a similar career path. Here is what he had to say:


Can you please tell me a little about yourself?

My name is Giulliano Bote. I am Romanian but live in Idaho. I lived in Ceres, California for most of my life and moved to Boise, Idaho, about two and a half years ago. In California, I worked as a Medical Assistant for Sutter Gould Medical Foundation for roughly six years and worked as an EMT instructor for the Academy for Professional Development. I received my Practical Nursing certificate at Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in Modesto and worked at Idaho State Correctional Center (ISCC) in Idaho, where I currently work as an ER Nurse. I went to Modesto Junior College and received my associate degree in general science. I played soccer for Modesto Junior College and trained in Jiu Jitsu at Oakdale MMA.


What year did you start attending Carrington College?

I started attending Carrington College in December of 2021 in the Nursing Bridge program, and I am set to graduate in November of 2022. My goals after I graduate are to continue my education and obtain my bachelor’s degree from either Boise State University or Western Governors University. I want to work up to my dream job which is flight nursing. It requires at least one year of ER and two years of ICU just to be able to apply for the job.


What do you like the most about Carrington College?

What I like most about Carrington College is the close connections with the instructors and with other students. Carrington really focuses on an open-door policy which is super helpful when it comes to building trust with instructors and administration. You walk down the halls, and the instructors know you by name and ask you about your day. They really care about their students. This type of environment creates a healthy example of how students can help other students out. We form bonds in study groups and even hang out outside of class.


Why did you decide to pursue this career path? What inspired you?

I decided to pursue Registered Nursing because of my personality and the love of improving quality of life of society. I’ve always had a knack for helping others and go out of my way to make sure others are safe and well taken care of.  I’m the type of nurse that likes to joke around with my patients and deliver quality personalized care to each individual patient I encounter.


My inspiration was my mother and my grandmother. My grandmother was an Obstetric Nurse in Romania, and my mother was a Recover Nurse for a well-respected plastic surgeon. I also have a few physicians in the family that practice in Scotland, along with RN’s and medical assistants. I have a lot of support and inspiration from my family to accomplish my medical goals.


How did you get involved in volunteering at the recent Imagine Dragons concert?

I got involved in helping at the concert because I feel obligated to help the community considering my personality and my field of work. I also felt obligated to help as a Student Council member of my class. During the event I helped with COVID testing staff before entering the stadium and was able to meet Nursing students from BSU and students in the athletic training program from BSU.


Lastly, because of the concert that I volunteered for, I was asked to meet with the administration at extra mile stadium for a follow up, and they offered me a job on the spot! I love concerts and volunteering, why not get paid to be an event nurse and watch concerts? Volunteering was a great gateway that opened an amazing opportunity.


Any advice for new students entering the program?

My advice for students entering the Carrington College Nursing Bridge program, and honestly any RN program at any school is first off, congratulations! Secondly, be prepared to work.


My mother always told me that nothing good comes easy. There will be sacrifices that need to be made early on and it will feel like you’ve just hit the ground running, but it is all worth it! Remember that you are doing a good thing and making a positive impact on humanity. Be sure that you keep your head up when you feel overwhelmed like you are drinking water from a fire hose. Keep pushing forward and know that one bad test score isn’t the end of world or the end of your program. You have plenty of opportunities to get points and pass!


Also, test scores don’t determine who you will be as a nurse. Your skills, personality, bedside manner, and ability to practice safe, personalized, and quality medicine is what will make you the best nurse. Also remember that laughter is the best medicine in my opinion. Be personable, respectful, and kind and make our patients laugh. Healing starts with a positive attitude and making your patients laugh is a great way to jump start that process.

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