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Gadgets! Are You An Early Adopter?

October 5, 2012

GadgetsUnless you live in a cave, you couldn’t have missed the hysteria of the iPhone 5 launch a couple of weeks ago. People lining up outside Apple stores for hours and hours; a few of the more crazy ones camped out for days to make sure they were at the front of the line! Others offered people $500 just for their spot at the front of a line!

The marketing industry has a name for such devotees – and no it’s not ‘Apple Fanboys’. Ask a student in our Sales and Marketing program and they’ll tell you that these people are called ‘Early Adopters’.

The phenomenon really started in the 1980s with the advent of the personal computer, then came digital cameras, then hybrid automobiles, and more recently smart phones. These were items that certain people just had to be the first to have – even though they know that a cheaper upgraded version will probably follow in a few months. Sounds irrational right?

Much of it comes down to ego. A new gadget can be a fashion item — a revelation that Apple embraced long ago. Many people love to be first to show off something unusual, but the trade off is the risk that comes with embracing a new gadget.

Early adopters are technology pioneers, the ‘guinea pigs’ that companies rely on to a certain extent. Yes they cause ‘buzz’ around a new product, which drives up early sales and revenues, but without the early adopters, brands like Apple wouldn’t be able to perfect their gadgets. The bugs that early adopters identify and complain about will result in fixes and improvements, and eventually lowers the price that makes the product more accessible for the rest of us.

It’s a general perception that men are the early tech adopters and gadget gurus, but more and more women are starting to catch up by embracing technology for social media, gaming, texting etc.

As an online student you’re probably quite confident with technology, after all you do all your schoolwork on a computer of some kind! Keeping up with technology can be prohibitively expensive, but some manufacturers understand that money is tight for students. Many of them offer great student deals. And while we can’t get you a discount on an iPhone 5, here are just a few technology savings open to students:

  • Amazon: College students are eligible for a free, 6-month Prime membership (free two-day shipping on millions of items).
  • Microsoft: Offers and upgrades tailored to students.
  • Adobe: Students can save as much as 80% off retail on software.
  • Apple: Apple Education pricing is a great way for college students to purchase Mac computers, Apple software, and select accessories at special prices.
  • Sony: The Sony Education Store lets students save up to 10%, as well as other various discounts and promotions.

So the big question is… How many of you are early adopters? We’d like to know if you were standing in line on September 21 for the new iPhone? If you did, let us know why in the comments box below…

And when the next iPhone comes out, thank you, please stand in line for me, I’ll be along shortly!