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Five tips for saving money when you travel

May 10, 2013
Use these tips to save money when you travel.

Summer vacation offers the perfect opportunity for college students to reward themselves for all the hard work they did this year by doing a bit of traveling. Unfortunately, being a college student almost guarantees that you’re on a tight budget, which can make travel of any kind a bit difficult. But if you are determined to make your dreams of going on vacation a reality, use these tips to save money when you travel:

1. Pack everything in a carry-on

Hidden fees can add up quickly when traveling and easily send you over budget if you’re not careful. More airlines than ever before are charging passengers who want to check their bags, so fitting everything you’ll need for your trip inside of your carry-on is one easy way to cut down costs. Plus, you’re guaranteed that the airline won’t lose your suitcase!

2. Bring snacks

Getting from point A to point B when traveling can be a long and involved process and you’re bound to get hungry at some point along the way. Before hitting the road or hopping on a plane, stop at the grocery store and pick up a few snacks – it will keep you from paying for overpriced munchies at the airport or having to eat greasy fast food.

3. Navigate public transit

Although you may think that renting a car when you reach your final destination would be more convenient, many cities have public transportation systems that are easy to navigate and much less expensive. Instead of continuously filling up a gas tank for upwards of $50, buy a cheap transit ticket and get where you need to go without spending much at all.

4. Be flexible with your plans

If you plan to fly to your vacation destination, try to be flexible with your travel plans. You may be able to save a good chunk of money by simply switching your flight from a weekend to weekday, or by being willing to brave a short layover instead of flying direct.

5. Stay at a hostel

When it comes to sleeping accommodations, there are plenty of places you can stay that won’t cost you several hundred dollars a night. See if there are any hostels or non-chain hotels in the area that charge a lower rate. If you’re out exploring all day like you should be, you don’t need super plush accommodations! You’re young, after all.