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Five Things Employers Look For in Job Interviews

February 20, 2012

Top five things employers look forThere are some employers who may have a certain method to how they conduct an interview and on what they look for in a candidate. To help you along the interview process, here are five important things you should know before your next job possibility.

Do Your Research  

It’s important that you know the company inside and out before you go to your interview. Study their website and the job description and be prepared for them to quiz you on what you know about their business.

Provide an Error-Free Resume and Portfolio

It can be a huge mistake if you send in a resume with grammar and punctuation errors. Have someone read over your resume (preferably a professional) before you send it to a potential employer. Many times they won’t look twice if your resume is filled with inaccuracies. Do not ever trust spell check. There are words that won’t get flagged if they’re misused. For example, a common misuse is: they’re, their and there.

Remember Your Interviewer’s Name

Whatever you do, don’t forget who you’re interviewing with and who you meet. Some employers may test you by having you interview with potential coworkers and other managers. Bring a notepad and a pen and jot down the names and titles of people you meet. That way you can mention them in your thank you note later on.

Communicate Professionally at All Times

This includes through email, phone and during your interview. The way you communicate shows employers a lot of who you are and how you will be on the job. Your email address should be professional and not be something like “” or “” Email is free, so there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t have a professional one. The way you answer the phone can speak volumes also. Be sure you’re in a quiet place and answer you phone in a professional manner.

During your interview, make eye contact, speak professionally and don’t get too comfortable with the interviewer. They don’t want to know your life story nor do they care to hear you ramble. Answer questions thoroughly, but to the point.

Thank You Letters

Sending a thank you letter is a great idea because it not only shows your appreciation to the interviewer for taking their time out to interview you, it also reiterates your interest in the job, reminds the employer about your qualifications, and gives you a chance to follow up with any information the employer asked you to provide during the interview.