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An Open House Event To Be Proud Of!

March 10, 2015

Citrus Heights Open HouseOur thanks go out to our wonderful Carrington College student body nationwide for helping to make our recent Open House event a huge success! Friends, family, and members of the public came through the doors of all our 18 campus locations to see what our students are doing every day in class, and what our school has to offer.

Here are some highlights from two campuses in particular.

A Clinic in Citrus Heights

The Citrus Heights campus held a “Carrington Clinic” for guests, in which current students from every program were fully involved. Demonstrations were held from 11am – 7pm where students could demonstrate their burgeoning skills to visitors in a lab environment.

Citrus Heights Open House

“Guests were checked in by Health Care Administration (HCA) and Medical Billing & Coding (MBC) students. Those who arrived with a specific program in mind were introduced to an Enrollment Services Representative to learn more, while visitors without an interest in any one area, went through the ‘Carrington Clinic’ as we called it,” Amy Mowrer, Assistant Director of Enrollment Services, explained.

“Every guest who walks through our front door is here for a reason. Perhaps they need a new career or they need to feel proud of themselves again. So a big part of our job is finding out why they came to see us. That’s why the first question we ask is ‘how can we help you?’ Some people came from up to two hours away, so we want to be respectful of their time, answer all their questions, and try to serve them the best that we can.”

The MBC and HCA students talked about their programs as guests checked-in, as well as asking about the visitors’ own interests. If they were going to go through the ‘clinic’, they were walked down to the Medical Assisting (MA) lab, where another student took over the tour. The MA student took their vitals, and explained to them what they were doing that day in class, before handing them off to the next student guide.

Surgical Technology Demo at Citrus Heights Open HouseNext came Surgical Technology, then Criminal Justice, Dental Assisting, Pharmacy Technology, before ending their tour with Veterinary Technology.

Visitors got to see demonstrations and experience the hands-on nature of our programs in every lab. There was even a special tour group that came though.

A group of eleven seniors came in from a local high school with four of their teachers, as Amy Mowrer explained; “We arranged a special presentation and tour, and they had lunch with us. We also had a scholarship presentation for them. It was a lot of fun; we haven’t done that before in an Open House.”

Food and beverages were available, and radio station 107.9 THE END broadcast 1 from the parking lot, handing out prizes to guests who stopped by.

“We were very conscious of our guests’ time, but we also wanted to give them a thorough experience in about an hour or so. All our students really enjoyed participating and showing off their skills in their labs,” Mowrer explained.

“Without the students helping the day wouldn’t have been so successful. For our campus, the Open House is about showcasing who we are, and that’s faculty, staff, students all working together. From what I see on a daily basis, the vast majority of students on campus are very happy to be here, and that really came through on the day. And that spirit of collaboration helped make the day a huge success.”

Feel The Love Portland!

Portland Open HouseThe Portland campus had a Valentine’s Day theme for their Open House event. With balloons, Valentine’s cookies and candy everywhere, it was easy to fall in love with the Oregon campus, as Campus Executive Director Leigh Christopherson explained.

“We are a close-knit team at the Portland location, and we’re thrilled to be here. We’re very excited about the future of this campus, and we want to help more Oregon students find their way in health care through education. We wanted to share that feeling, we wanted to share the love with our visitors!”

The campus designated a couple of student leaders (as they were called for the day) for each active program to help out. Massage Therapy, Medical Assisting, Pharmacy Technology, Dental Assisting, and Medical billing and Coding were all very well represented by students. The campus is also enrolling students for the Veterinary Assisting program, but classes don’t start until April 6th.

“Everybody worked collaboratively and the students involved were fantastic. They handed out postcards at the front door, they helped with tours, and made the day so much easier for everyone involved,” Christopherson explained.

Simulations and activities were set up in each classroom, allowing students to demonstrate their skill sets to visitors and guests in labs during class. Schedules were shifted a little so visitors could observe more interesting hands-on lab activities, such as CPR demonstrations, rather than lectures.

“We had a very successful day. It was a good event, even without the bells and whistles that some of the bigger campuses can bring to events like these, with a larger staff and student body. We’re still in the early stages of our campus re-launch so I was very pleased with the overall outcome. We’re excited about the future, and that really came through.”


Thanks to all our wonderful students, staff and faculty at all 18 Carrington campuses for creating a truly memorable Open House event for friends, families and visitors!