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Employer Spotlight: Massage Envy®

April 26, 2016

Steve Pearce owns five Massage Envy® locations in the greater Sacramento area, and says Carrington College Massage Therapy graduates[1] play an integral part in his business on a day-to-day basis.

“There’s never a culture shock when a student from Carrington comes into a Massage Envy® working environment. They’re very familiar with all the processes, and that’s been part of our relationship too over the years. Working here as a massage therapist and helping others is extremely rewarding,” Pearce said.

“We’ve all, I think, had those jobs where we come home at night and wondered, ‘How did I better the world today by selling this product or pitching this item?’, but here we’ve got a customer who, we know when they leave our care, they’re in a better position than they were when they walked in the door,” Pearce said.

Pearce added that people want to feel connected to others and have a deep down desire to feel well.

“Part of that is that connect, that human contact,” he said.

Pearce spelled out what he looks for in an employee at Massage Envy®:

  • Someone who is professional
  • Someone who cares about others more than themselves
  • Someone with a desire to make this world a little bit of a better place

“Carrington College graduates bring a sense of care and concern for our guests and their well-being. They demonstrate a sense of professionalism that I really appreciate,” Pearce said.

To learn more about the Massage Therapy program[2] at Carrington College, click here.

[1] Individuals seeking to enter this career field may be subject to screenings such as, but not limited to, criminal background checks and drug/alcohol testing prior to externship, to attain occupational licensure/certification or employment, and throughout their careers. CPR certification is required for licensure/certification.

[2] For comprehensive consumer information, visit