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Employer Profile – Coram Specialty Infusion Services, Sacramento, CA

May 19, 2012

CoramMany students considering a career in healthcare automatically think of hospitals, clinics, or doctors’ offices as the kind of places that they may apply for jobs post-graduation. But the medical field may offer graduates opportunities in a variety of workplaces, as this month’s employer profile company highlights.

Many thanks to Julie Runyon, Regional Vice President of Coram Specialty Infusion Services in Sacramento, CA, who spent some time with us to discuss the mutually beneficial relationship between her company and Carrington College California.

Coram is a leading provider of specialty infusion and pharmacy distribution services; the company has more than 85 branch locations, including 65 infusion suites, throughout the country. With over 2,000 employees, including nearly 1,000 infusion nurses and pharmacists, Coram is known in the industry for providing a high level of personalized care to thousands of home and infusion suite IV patients every day.

“We’re kind of like a hospital without walls; we service patients mostly within the home setting, although we do have some ambulatory infusion suites located within our pharmacy branches.”

Coram has been working with our Sacramento campus for about 4 years; they have been very supportive of students in our Medical Billing & Coding program, as well as students from our Pharmacy Technology program. They have taken on externs and employed a number of Carrington graduates over the years.

“At this point in time we have externs from 7 different colleges, including Carrington. And we probably hire about 60% of our openings from these extern programs. The externship is considered the longest interview of a student’s life!”

Coram gives Carrington the criteria for the kind of students they are looking for. They map out the way they work, their expectations, and it’s then the responsibility of the college to communicate that to the students. By working closely together, the school, the employer and the students are all aware of what is expected, and that typically leads to successful externship placements for all parties.

Most externs from the Medical Billing & Coding program obtain positions dealing with billing, collections, cash posting, medical records, or clerical support. Julie has generally been very pleased with the caliber of Carrington externs that have come through the doors at Coram over the last 4 years.

“We have a very good relationship with Carrington. When it comes to externs, we interview every student they provide a resume for; as of today we’ve never refused a Carrington student for an externship. I also can’t think of one that has been released for poor attendance or performance. I attribute this to the selection of students that Carrington enrolls.”

If an extern excels, and assuming a position is available, they may be offered full time employment as an entry level biller and/or collector. The opportunity does exist for progression within Coram; first to a supervisor level, and then on to management, and eventually a possibility of a director. The company does support its staff by providing continuing education opportunities where appropriate.

Julie believes that experience and education, such as that provided at a school like Carrington, may really make a difference when it comes to success in the job market.

“With the economy the way it is, in order to even get your foot in the door you have to have some kind of experience in healthcare. If we see Carrington College California on your resume, even if you weren’t part of our externship program, we view it as a positive. We already know the program that you’ve gone through; the start, the finish, the different areas you have been trained in, and we would look at that as added value. Your resume would be filtered as a possible candidate for an entry level position and be reviewed by a supervisor and/or manager.”

Julie believes that a Carrington College California qualification, whether a certificate or an associate’s degree, demonstrates that you are a committed individual.

“An education proves to an employer that you can start something, finish something and have an accomplishment at the end of it. And if you’ve gone to a Billing & Coding school it proves that you’re committed to the healthcare industry, and that’s important to us.”

The students that come through the doors come from all walks of life; and that is good for a business like Coram. They have welcomed students who were working at McDonald’s, programmers, HR professionals who have had to retrain, and students that are really diverse in age as Julie explains…

“We recently had 31 students from a variety of schools in our auditorium; I walked in to say ‘hello’ while they were going through the interviewing process. We had just come off some training about the different generations – Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials – and I looked around and thought to myself ‘wow’ – these guys fit into all those generations.”

Thanks for your time Julie, and thanks to everyone at Coram in Sacramento for your continued support of Carrington College California students.

For comprehensive consumer information on our Medical Billing & Coding program, please visit our medical billing and coding page