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Eating Healthy Keeps You Sharp!

May 20, 2013

Fresh VegetablesYou don’t need to be a student in a Medical Assisting or Registered Nursing program to know that good nutrition is important for a healthy body, but did you know it’s also important for a healthy mind?

When you’re studying at Carrington College, as well as working a job, and perhaps caring for a family, it can be difficult to find the time, energy and money to maintain a healthy diet. Cooking a healthy meal at the end of a long day can often seem more ‘hassle’ than it’s worth. It can be all too easy to order in, or grab some fast food, or eat noodles every day.

Certain foods have been shown to encourage focus and clarity, and improve brain function. Walnuts, berries, sardines, coffee, spinach, dark chocolate, avocados, water, eggs, and beets are all considered ‘brain foods’. There is a definite relationship between what we eat and how well we can do in thinking and memory tasks.

As with all things though, that doesn’t mean you should exist on those foods alone! ‘Everything in moderation’ as they say! There are ways to eat healthy, manage your time, and stay on budget – Here are a few tips.

Don’t Go Shopping Hungry!        
When you go to the store hungry, you’ll likely end up buying more food than you need. What’s more, you will probably buy the more tempting, not-so-healthy options. Pizza anyone? Have a meal or a light snack before you go if you can, you’ll make healthier choices and stay within your budget.

The Incredible Bulk!        
Buying in bulk can save you time and money. Larger packs of cereal, crackers and canned goods can be a good move financially, as these dry foodstuffs won’t go bad quickly. If you have a friend who’s a member of a warehouse club, tag along on their next trip. Fewer trips to the store also means more time to study!


Be Picky About Organic    
Yes, organic produce is better for the environment and for you, but it can put a real strain on your budget. The Environmental Working Group recommends buying organic for certain produce that hold the highest levels of pesticide residue, foods like apples, celery, and cucumbers among others.

A Full Fridge Is A Happy Fridge   
Try to make extra portions of a couple of healthy meals on a Sunday; freeze the extra and you have ready meal options for later in the week. That saves you time and you’ll be less tempted to eat something unhealthy, or order in frequently, which can get expensive. Pack your fridge with healthy snacks such as carrots, fruit and yogurt. Then when you’re hungry and have little time, you can grab a healthy snack and run out the door.

Find Resources Like EWG

If you’re struggling for ideas, search the internet for resources that can help you come up with healthy recipes, and manage meals on a budget. The Environmental Working Group is a not-for-profit organization that help busy people on budgets make smarter, healthier decisions for themselves and their families. Their shopping guide – Good Food on a Tight Budget – can help you stretch your budget to include healthy food that will fill and your family up! Bon Appetite!


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