A smile can ease one’s mind, show empathy, illicit laughter, and even foreshadow an act of deviance. While we all know how to read smiles and gauge their meaning, the real secrets lie in teeth behind the smile. Did you know different teeth often suggest personality types? Do your teeth define your personality?
Dental Assisting Training Infographic

[Via: Carrington College’s Dental Assisting Program]

7 thoughts on “Do teeth define your personality

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  3. Excellent infographic. Conveys the impact of oral health on quality of life.

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  5. Dr. Andrew White

    This is an excellent graphic. I could use something like this in my practice. I have a number of grinders and only a few who realise the serious consequences to gum and teeth health from prolonged grinding.

    Andy White

  6. Libby

    Very informative infographic with fun information! I’m going to be comparing the teeth of those around me now! 🙂

  7. Chris Myers

    That is a quite impressive and interesting info graphic. It shocks me that people can actually be determined by their teeth? The information provided are fun to read. Makes me check my teeth and dig more about the information said here. Thank you! I will be wondering around the site more!

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