Carrington College Dental Assisting [1] students show you the proper way to floss your teeth.

The only supply you’ll need is a piece of floss. Carrington College student Yesenia says the brand or style doesn’t really matter. “We prefer wax, but anything works,” she said.

You’ll need about 14 to 16 inches of floss. “We just wrap it around our fingers and then we start in the back of your mouth,” Yesenia said.

“So, were going to put it in between the teeth under the gum line, like a C-shape.  And you’re going to hug the teeth and just bring it out.  Same to the other side,” Yesenia said.

That C-shape hugging technique gets under the gums and gets all the food that’s stuck in there, any plaque buildup.

It’s important to floss before you brush because it loosens up the food you bring in there. It makes it a lot easier for the toothbrush bristles to brush your teeth,” Yesenia said.

Make sure you floss at least once a day.

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