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Defy doubters in the business world: Lessons from Hollywood’s heroes

September 5, 2012

What we can learn from HollywoodYou’ve always dreamed of starting your own magazine, digging for the inside scoop about the city you’ve lived in for years and sharing the up-and-coming bars, musicians, businesses and gossip that’s happening in your region. You have all of the creative ideas behind it, and you even have a handful of skilled writers and editors ready to volunteer and assist you with your project. Now, all you need is the corporate knowledge to back it up with the pursuit of a business degree.

Just because you have a great entrepreneurial idea does not mean that everyone is going to support you from day one. A person’s determination often makes other individuals jealous, and can bring out the worst in less motivated people who wish they had a similar drive in their professional lives. When you’re working toward earning your business degree, look out for certain characters who might not have your best intentions in mind. While you may not come in contact with Snow White’s evil queen or the villainous He Who Must Not Be Named, these types of bad guys possess universal personality traits that many seedy individuals have in real life.

Prevail against power-hungry professionals

So you might not have a lightning scar on your forehead or a Firebolt broomstick to ride through the sky, but you do possess the same passion and strong will as the beloved wizard, Harry Potter. The ultimate good guy encounters his fair share of enemies throughout his adolescent life, but above all others, Lord Voldemort tests him to his utmost limits. Since birth, the pure-hearted wizard had an ill-fated destiny where he would have to stand against the evil and powerful villain in order to create peace in the wizarding universe.

Unable to live in a world where he knew he wasn’t the most victorious and powerful wizard, Voldemort did everything he could to kill innocent Harry. Ultimately, good prevails over evil in this fantasy tale – with the help of his comrades, Harry stood for what he believed in until the end and prevailed over the cold-hearted Voldemort. As a business professional, this lesson helps defy the age-old myth, “nice guys finish last,” and shows that when you have good intentions, you’ll develop a loyal and strong team that supports you, no matter what kind of naysayers are standing in your way.

Jealous peers: A royal pain

For Snow White, beauty is a gift she was born with. Her fair skin, jet-black hair and rosy red lips are natural blessings that have driven her stepmother, the evil queen, stark-raving mad, leading her to demand her death by way of the castle’s huntsman. According to the tale, she will not rest until she looks in her magical mirror and hears that she is the fairest in all the land.

This sheer jealousy – though not quite as intense – is a characteristic many people try to fight, but cannot help when a peer or colleague is excelling well beyond their own successes. When you begin to see progress in your graduate classes or with your working business plan, be sure to watch out for those who might critique your efforts. While constructive criticism can be good, sometimes those who give it have negative intentions and can ultimately discourage you from staying on your path to success.

When you have an idea that excites you in the business world, you should pursue it. Enrolling in courses, whether at a campus located nearby or through online business degree programs, can help you map out the best path to ultimately get your startup company off the ground and prove to those who doubt you that you have what it takes to make it in the corporate world.