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Celebrating Our Veterans

November 11, 2014

Veterans Day is the perfect time to celebrate all of the veterans we’re honored to have as part of the Carrington College family – students, graduates, staff and faculty. We recently spoke with two of our veterans to thank them for their service, and create two special Spotlight features we thought you would enjoy:

Ashley is studying Veterinary Technology at the Carrington College Pomona campus.

Ashley RoblesWhen I turned 18 I did a semester in college. That didn’t work out. I botched my first semester of college. I had no discipline. I had no real direction. I was hanging on to that phase of the beginning of adulthood and freedom. So I joined the Marine Corps. I joined for multiple reasons… Read more

Gary is studying Medical Assisting at the Carrington College Spokane campus.

Gary HeafeyI’m a 20-year veteran. I retired from the Air Force on July 1st of 2013. After that time I had a hard time adjusting back home. I’ve been to the desert six times and I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD and depression. So I was having a hard time adjusting… Read more