Carmen King Carrington College California - Online Graphic Design

Carmen King Carrington College California – Online Graphic Design

Carrington College California is proud to turn the student spotlight this month on Carmen King. Carmen grew up in the Pacific Northwest and presently lives in the Phoenix area. She is the proud mother of four children, ranging in ages from 11 to 19. Her intentions were always to continue her education, but her career and family put those plans on hold. When her youngest child reached 11 Carmen knew the time had come for her to go back to school. She had always thought she would be a history teacher; however, after starting work at a marketing company in graphic design, she discovered she had an eye for design. To boost her confidence as well as her career, Carmen decided to enroll in Carrington College California- online to obtain a degree in Graphic Design.  Within 3 weeks of enrolling, she was on her way!

Carmen loves the flexibility of the class schedule enabling her to keep up with her work and do her coursework at home on her own schedule. Taking the Graphic Design classes has also given her added confidence at work.  When classes end this June, she intends on staying at her current position and taking on more clients and more challenging creative assignments. Good Luck Carmen!

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  1. Connie

    It’s been very inspiring to watch Carmen work through this program. It’s not been an easy thing for her, especially given the fact she’s a super busy mom of 4 kids at home and works full-time. However, she’s commented to me several times on how much she’s enjoyed the instructors and the learning. She’s a highly motivated individual who does a really good job at utilizing her skills and education into everyday life. Everyone around her benefits from her learning!

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  3. Peter Sousa

    As a Graphic Designer, I really Enjoyed this…
    Thanks from slow

    • carrington

      Glad you liked it

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