DeVry Education GroupIf you’re considering a certificate of achievement or an associate degree program, there are many things you need to think about.  But did you know that an education at Carrington College can give you real options?

Option #1 – Upon graduation you can look for a position that can allow you to showcase the real world education, skills, and experience that you learned with us.

Option #2 – Once you graduate, you can choose to build on your Carrington education and take it to the next level by applying credits to a degree at DeVry University.

Transfer your qualifying credits!

Thanks to an articulation agreement with DeVry, Carrington College graduates can apply their qualifying credits towards a Bachelor’s degree.  Your hard work at Carrington can give you a head start on your continuing education, if that’s the option you choose.

At Carrington College we teach our students the skills and knowledge needed to help them in their future careers; we believe in the need for a career focused hands-on education that’s filled with relevant practical experience.  Our agreement with DeVry means that after you earn your credentials, you can decide what option works best for you, the life you lead, and the career path you choose. If you want to take your education further, Carrington College makes that decision easier.

For further information on transferring your qualifying credits from Carrington College to a Bachelor’s degree program at DeVry University, call 1.866.748.3387 or visit

12 thoughts on “Carrington College gives you choices

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  2. Melynda Garwood

    Super information it is definitely. My girlfriend has been seeking for this information.

  3. Cathy

    Looking forward to transferring my credits and starting at Carrington in January. Thanks for the info.

  4. Karen Russell

    hi,I am was looking for a college that is offering an Associate Degree in Social Services and noticed that your college came up during my on-line search. I decided on Carrington College because of your location in Tucson,Az. Now that I am researching further I did not see Social Services listed in your programs of study. I would definately like to attend Carrington College.

  5. shelly belliston

    will credits from the other colleges i have attended transfer?

    • dmarsh

      Shelly – you would need to bring in a copy of your transcripts to the campus to have them evaluated to see if some may transfer.

  6. claudia

    Does Carrington College have any articulation agreements with any California Community Colleges or any Cal St. Universities?

  7. ELISA

    I have gone through a few months, or almost all of the front office classes at Carrington. Now I may be moving to Virginia. Are there any transfer schools over there for this or any online classes I can take to finish getting my certification?

    Thank you-

  8. patricia

    I would like to further my education but I do not wish to go to devry university. Do the credits from carrington transfer to any other colleges or university here in arizona?

  9. Ian

    I also am wondering if any other colleges accept Carringtons credits other than devry?

  10. Cynthia

    Do the credits from carrington transfer to any other colleges or university besides DeVry University?

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