Carrington GraduatesYou’re a Carrington College graduate, but even though you no longer come to campus every day you’re still important to us. As a Carrington alumnus, you’ll always be welcome at your alma mater.

Our faculty and staff love to hear your success stories, so feel free to stop by or call your campus anytime. Whether to connect with an old instructor or advisor for advice, or just to tell us what you’ve accomplished since graduation, please know that Carrington alumni will always be welcome at Carrington College.

We work hard to provide you with more than ‘just’ an education. We want you to be part of a growing community; a community that will be there for you as you move forward in your career.

Career ServicesWhen you need advice, career guidance or just want to hear a friendly voice, we are still here for you.

As a Carrington Alumnus, your campus Career Services team can still help you with your job search strategy.* Need to polish your résumé or freshen up your interview skills for the next step in your career?

These services are available to all Carrington graduates without charge, as 2014 graduate Michelle C. explained in a Graduate Spotlight interview just after she graduated.

“Carrington still helps me. My Career Services Advisor sends me leads, she calls me, and if she hears of anything out there she lets me know. She’s even sent out my résumé for me, so the school still does a lot for me even though I’ve left.”

Don’t forget, if you need transcripts, diploma requests and/or education verification forms, you can access them online using these links:

As a busy professional you may not have time to visit, but please use our contact form or leave a message in the comments section below; we’d love to know what’s new with you!

*Success in securing employment depends on your level of effort, motivation and educational performance. Carrington doesn’t guarantee employment, or employment within specific salary ranges or areas.

7 thoughts on “Be A Part Of Something Greater

  1. Delia Cerbu

    Career change it can happen to any age. Carrington college help me to become a successful RDH, register dental hygienist. I love what I do and I’ve been a part of our Kaiser Permanente team after I graduate. I want to thank you for the support to those wonderful instructors and to be a part of my life and success.

  2. Jeanne Cote

    MBC 2015:
    I am Carrington College Graduate from the MBC program 2015. I have been able to bring all the skills that I have gained from my program into the medical field. I landed a position in scheduling in Urology. I assist the patients with appointment scheduling. I am the front line for the specialty. I verify insurance, request medical documentation, confirm referrals and ensure that our patients receive quality medical care from our 5 locations and 8 providers through communications. I feel that Carrington College prepared me for the patient volume that I encounter daily, which I continue to improve upon . Carrington has allowed me to feel confident in my abilities and equal to my co-workers in the medical community. Not only do I have a future, my family has a future too. Learning does not stop here. It is better to build upon a strong foundation than to vanish under a weak structure. Thank You to all the staff past and present for your teachings!

    Jeanne Cote

  3. Lynn

    I’m so proud to have gone through the LVN to RN step up program. Immediately after graduating and obtaining my RN, I went straight in to management. After 2 years, I became a DNS. I’ve been a Director of Nursing for 5 years in the long term care setting. It’s so rewarding to enrich the lives of our elderly by spending a few minutes holding their hands and educating staff on how best to take care of them. I wouldn’t trade my profession for the world! The teachers I had were phenomenal!

  4. Lawrence Paget

    It’s great to be a graduate from Carrington college. Being a graduate is a excellent feeling to see me as a graduate of Carrington college. Know that I am going to Carrington online classes to get my Associate of science in health studies , then on to get my Bachelor of science degree in health studies and I will be getting my masters degree in health studies. So by the year of 2020 I am going to be able to changelenge the state boards for my veterinarian license. Also after the year of 2020 I will be going on to get my doctrine degree in health studies on how to take care of animals.

  5. Myeasha Strain

    I want to thank Carrington for everything.. Since my graduation, I went on to achieve my Associates degree and moved to Las Vegas. I’ have been working with Heart & Weight institute for 4 yrs now. With the skills I learned at Carrington I excelled quickly in my organization.. I now earn almost $65k a year all while helping others get healthy.. Thank you everyone for your support and the opportunity to give my children a better life..

    Myeasha Strain

    ps.. A picture of me enjoying my own pool in my new home thanks to carrington!!

  6. Brian Talaga

    I am currently working at Apple Security in Elk Grove. I plan on visiting my instructor Jackie Long soon. This month I have testing for California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). Thank you Carrington family! Keep up the great work!

  7. Lloydette Brewah

    Carrington College set the stage for the success that I have attained today. I graduated January 21, 2010 as a Registered Nurse and I never stopped going to school until January 2015. Today, I am Dr Lloydette Brewah, Doctor of Nursing Practice. I owe this motivation to then Apollo College in Boise Idaho.
    My story is unique because I lived in California and traveled every week to Boise to attend classes. I took on 2 jobs in Boise and come home to California on the weekends and also work the weekends to help pay for my airline tickets. My story is remarkable and inspires many. I hope you can share my message of gratitude to this great institution that gave me the opportunity to embark on this journey. I’m proud to be Carrington graduate.

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