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Carrington College’s Las Vegas campus respiratory care students were excited to participate!

Students from the Respiratory Care program at Carrington College Las Vegas campus walked for healthy lungs as participants in American Lung Association’s Lung Force Walk. The event raised more than $135,000 for the local American Lung Association in Nevada. More than 800 registered walkers attended the event and 35 of those walkers were from Carrington College.

Students from Carrington were able to learn more about the leading cancer killer of both women and men in the U.S. by participating in the Lung Force Walk. Students met with patients impacted by various lung disorders and respiratory ailments as the walk featured survivors of lung cancer, fibrosis and other respiratory diseases.

“I recently lost my father to lung cancer. He didn’t let our family know of his condition until it was too late,” said Athena Delapeña, Respiratory Care student at Carrington College. “As a future respiratory therapist, it’s my goal to be able to help those who suffer from lung cancer and other lung diseases.”

The fundraising efforts supported the local Lung Association’s education and prevention programs, research initiatives in key areas of lung health, as well as advocacy work to help future generations breathe easier.

“I’ve been in the health care field for 10 years now. I’ve seen people fight, not only because of their own lives, but people fighting for their loved ones. They fight a tiresome, but worthwhile battle of many cancers, especially lung cancer. The people with that fire and fight within themselves are so admirable and humbling,” said Giselle deMesa, Respiratory Care student at Carrington College. “As I exit the Respiratory Care program at Carrington, I will see the fight even more, out in the field, and I will continue to help educate, listen and comfort those people and their families in need.”


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