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Carrington College California Student Saves Life

June 15, 2011
Lisa White, Pharmacy Technology Graduate

A student from Carrington College California saved a life when a patient started choking in a cafeteria.

Lisa White from the Carrington College California, San Leandro campus was on her externship at the Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Medical Center, when a patient there started choking in the cafeteria.

“The patient’s face turned a dark red and appeared as if she wasn’t getting any oxygen. No one else responded, so Lisa took the initiative and did the Heimlich maneuver,” said Todd Newsham a Pharmacy Services Supervisor at Kaiser.

“It’s someone’s life,” White said. “I have to jump in and help out.”

Lisa White put her training to use when she saw a patient gasping for breath. White had been trained on the Heimlich maneuver at her sister’s daycare in 2003.

Because of her heroics, she was recognized at the hospital as a hero, though Lisa insists that she is not, and just did what she was supposed to do as a health care worker.

Here at Carrington we could not help but be proud of our recent graduate. What Lisa did will look good on her resume when she heads out after her graduation next week to look for a position as a Pharmacy Technician.

Nice job!

Do you know how to help someone who is choking? Have you saved someone’s life? Leave a comment here.