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Calling All Animal Lovers!

January 12, 2016

Calling All Animal Lovers!

Credit: Dorottya Mathe, Shutterstock
Credit: Dorottya Mathe, Shutterstock

Were you the kid who was always bringing home animals? Do you love helping critters and making sure they feel happy and loved? Then how about a career as a veterinary assistant!

The good news is there are more jobs than ever helping adorable animals like this little guy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for veterinary assistants are expected to grow 10% from 2012 to 2022.[1] So…that’s pretty cool, right? That means more jobs out there and more great employees needed to fill them. And you could be one of them!

What Do Veterinary Assistants Do?

Look, we’d all love to have the job where you just play with animals all day, but veterinary assistants do way more than that! They help feed, bathe and exercise Fido or Fluffy. They’ll also make sure any cages, kennels and exam rooms are clean. And they make sure the surgical tools and equipment are clean and sterilized.

As a veterinary assistant, you’ll be there to help animals when they need it most. You’ll make sure animals are recovering well after surgery and help with emergency first aid for sick and injured animals. You’ll also get to give medicine prescribed by the vets and help run or perform diagnostic tests on blood, urine and tissue samples.[2]

Where Can Veterinary Assistants Work?

You’d probably expect to work as a veterinary assistant in a veterinary hospital or clinic, right? Did you know there are a ton of other places that need veterinary assistants too? You could get a job in an emergency or specialty hospital or at an animal shelter. Veterinary assistants also work in animal control departments. There are so many places where people passionate about animals are needed. Once you have the skills you need, you’re ready for your career to start!

So…What Do I Need to Know to Get a Job?

Credit: Aliaksei Smalenski/Shutterstock

Let’s face it, it’s pretty important to know what you’re doing if you want to be a great veterinary assistant. Going to a school like Carrington College[3] can help get you ready for a career as a Veterinary Assistant. You’ll learn how to help animals from dogs and cats to exotics and livestock. When you’re in school you’ll find out all kinds of cool info about things like anatomy and physiology and how to identify different breeds of animals. Having your Certificate of Achievement shows potential bosses you know your stuff.

Carrington’s program teaches you to:

  • Get patient info and maintain medical records
  • Help analyze lab specimens
  • Assist with diagnostic and medical procedures
  • Help with radiography and dental care
  • Show your critical thinking and info management skills

Working with animals is a career filled with passion. You’ll spend your day making sure our furry (and not so furry) friends get the care they deserve. You love animals, and helping them is already part of who you are. Why not get paid to do it?






[3] For comprehensive consumer information visit: