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The 4 best low-stress jobs of 2013

October 17, 2013

Check out some of the most low-stress jobs for 2013.Who doesn’t dream of having a well-paying job that’s low stress? While you certainly can’t expect to get paid for doing nothing, there are plenty of careers that will allow you to bring home a paycheck without dreading going to work each day. Check out these low-stress jobs as you choose a major or look for work in 2013:

Physical therapy assistant

While physical therapy assistants work in the health care field, which can be stressful, their job has a few unique advantages over their colleagues in medical assisting. Physical therapy assistants make a median of $49,690 per year.1 Employment in this field is also booming – it’s expected to grow by 46 percent from 2010 2020 – so there are plenty of jobs available.2


As a dietitian, you use your expertise in food and nutrition to advise people on how and what to eat so they can maintain a healthy lifestyle.3 Dietitians are playing an increasingly central role in American society as they work with people from all walks of life to combat obesity.4 Whether you work with people on an individual basis to craft a plan that will help them meet their health goals or use your expertise to teach children about eating properly, you can make a difference without being subjected to too much stress.

Medical records technician

While many medical records technicians work in what could be considered high-stress environments, like hospitals, their duties are mostly administrative and don’t require direct interaction with patients. In general, medical record techs organize and maintain data and review patient records. The health care industry is growing, so medical records techs and people with similar careers, like in medical billing and coding, can be confident that there will be employment opportunities well into the future.5


Have you always loved jewels and precious stones? Then perhaps you should become a jeweler. This low-stress job requires you to design and/or sell jewelry. You may also be asked to appraise gems and use your expertise to manufacture and inspect custom jewelry designs.6 Jewelers generally work behind the scenes in jewelry stores, so you can work at your own pace while doing something you love.7

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