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Beginner’s Guide To Giving A Great Back Massage

March 23, 2015

Expert Techniques From A Massage Therapy Instructor

If you’re looking for the perfect way to surprise that special someone in your life, consider giving him or her an all-out, deeply relaxing back massage. While store-bought items can be great, they can’t beat a really good back rub. You don’t have to be a trained professional to successfully give a high quality back rub—watch this massage video and learn the key beginner massage techniques to give a relaxing and memorable massage.

Back Massage Techniques:

  • Find a stable, hard surface in your home and have your loved one lay down with their face towards the floor. You don’t necessarily need a professional massage table—any sturdy surface will do.
  • Be sure to lay down towels, blankets and other types of soft material to increase your loved one’s comfort during the massage.
  • Begin by rubbing a bit of massage oil into your hands. Start out by lightly spreading the oil evenly across the back. Make a figure eight motion to make sure that you’re covering the entire area. Gradually increase the amount of pressure that you’re applying as you continue with the back rub.
  • Move into your next gliding stroke by firmly moving up the back, to the shoulder and down the back again. Use your body weight to create additional pressure. Do so in a nice, fluid motion without removing your hands from your patient’s back.
  • If you want to go deeper with each gliding stroke, use your knuckles. Be careful not to press on bony structures like the spine or shoulder blades too hard, however.
  • Apply more pressure to the muscles along each side of the spine.
  • Because the shoulders are one area of the body where a large amount of tension is held, be sure to apply pressure to that area, as well. Grab the upper shoulder muscle and apply varying amounts of pressure, depending on the comfort level of the person in question.
  • Finish up the massage by returning to the initial figure eight stroke.

Back Massage Tips

  • Be sure to move your body while you apply pressure on a person’s back during a massage. Doing so can help maintain your stamina and can also help prevent you from accidentally injuring yourself.
  • Be sure to pick high quality massage oil before beginning the back massage. Recommended oils include those like olive, grape seed, blended oils and more. Avoid strong fragrances for the best results.05

Enjoy Giving Massages? Consider a Career in Massage Therapy

If you find that you really enjoy giving massages and like relieving people of the tension in their lives, consider becoming a licensed massage therapist. Carrington College has a massage therapy training program that is specifically designed to teach you how to properly give a back massage along with other vital massage therapy techniques. You may find that this is the bold first step towards an exciting new career path and direction in your

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