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AZ High School Students Enjoy SimLab Tour

April 11, 2011
Carrington College Student working in SimLab

When Dr. Tam Spat volunteered to join the Community Advisory Board (CAB) at his son’s school, Rancho Solano Private School in Peoria AZ, he wasn’t to know that it would be the start of a great relationship for the school and Carrington College.

During one of his early CAB meetings, Tam was asked to enlighten the Board on his role as the Simulation Labs (SimLab) Director at the Carrington College – Mesa and Phoenix Westside campuses. The Science Department of Rancho Solano Prep School was particularly interested in hearing all about the Simulation lab, and a series of field trips resulted.

The first class to visit was a core group of 9 juniors interested in working in a medical field; then a senior class followed and Dr. Spat has since networked with a number of other local schools that are planning visits.  Judging by the numerous thank you emails that Dr. Spat receives after these trips, the students get a lot out of the experience.

In fact Rancho Solano Prep School is hoping to make field trips to the SimLab Experience an annual event.  What’s more, several schools have created Pre-Med Clubs for students interested in working in the medical field.

SimLab is a fully integrated simulation laboratory where Carrington College Respiratory Care students, and high school visitors, can practice their skills on human manikins that feature programmable respiratory, cardio, and internal organ responses.  The High Fidelity manikins can communicate with the students, and have all the vital signs, including life-like lung and heart sounds, necessary for students to carry out assessments.  To enable students and staff to get the most out of the sessions, all SimLab procedures are video recorded for later review.

Designed to increase proficiency and confidence in their clinical expertise, and to improve critical thinking & real-time responses, students studying Respiratory Care at our Phoenix Westside and Mesa campuses can practice their invasive skills, like intubation, without fear.

Visit our website at to find out more about the Respiratory Care Associate degree program at Carrington College.