If you think a career working in the Criminal Justice System is the right choice for you, it’s time to start investigating your options.  If you closely examine the Criminal Justice Associate degree program at Carrington College California you’ll discover a program designed to meet the expectations of federal, state, and local enforcement agencies.

An accelerated 10 course/15 month program that culminates in an Associate of Science degree, our Criminal Justice program is available at our Pleasant Hill, Citrus Heights, San LeandroSan Jose and Stockton campuses.  This intensive program gives our students the training they need to help them succeed in a career in law enforcement, security or loss prevention.

Carrington College California Criminal Justice students learn about safety and security; they study crime scenes, they learn different investigative techniques, and are taught the necessary communication skills to help them succeed. In short, our graduates build a thorough knowledge base and gain the skill sets required for most entry level positions within the Criminal Justice field.

Possible work settings for graduates of our Criminal Justice Associate degree program include sworn positions in city police departments, sheriffs’ offices, or state corrections facilities. There are also many more clerical, technical and non-sworn positions within the Criminal Justice System in places like county or federal corrections, even in the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Employment in Criminal Justice System (CJS) remains a safe career choice because while there is crime there will always be a need for the CJS.

You can find out more about the Criminal Justice Program at Carrington College California by talking to one of our Admissions Representatives at 1.888.204.5818, or by visiting our website at carrington.edu/degrees/criminal-justice/.

3 thoughts on “Want to Start a career in the Criminal Justice System?

  1. Robert Walsh

    The program at Carrington College California seems very effective. I have some questions, so I’ll probably make a call and get more info.

  2. Mark Gamewoot

    Yep, this program looks promising. Isn’t there anything I can read online?

  3. Azzran

    I got my A.A.S. in CJ and then transferred to a four year shcool, switching to psychology. Then a masters in psychology. Finally, a Ph.D. in social psychology. What area of CJ interests you? Law enforcement? Security? Corrections? There is a lot you can do with CJ. But, if you want to go into law (an attorney), I’d recommend another major, or getting a minor in another area like english, accounting, or political science.

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