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A Day in the Life of a Pharmacy Technician

April 27, 2016

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work as a pharmacy technician? Graduates from Carrington College’s Pharmacy Technology program[1] show what a typical day is like.

Safety Drugs is a long term care pharmacy in Phoenix, Arizona.

“Here at Safety Drugs we have two different types of pharmacy technicians. The first is a data entry technician and the second is an order fulfillment technician,” said Carrington College graduate Laura.

Laura explained that a typical day for a pharmacy technician involves gathering prescription labels, and if it’s a prepackaged medication on the shelf, just affix the label. “If it’s not prepackaged, they will grab the medication off the shelf and basically individually place the pill into the bubble card and then seal it,” she said.

“Usually nurses call or they’ll email the prescription for the patient. That’s how we know what we’re going to send out and we go ahead and just find the medication that we need and then we’ll come back and fill it and then give it to the pharmacist to get it verified,” said Carrington College graduate Zuleyma.

“If the nurse is calling in a prescription we have to give it to the pharmacist to take the order. Once the pharmacist takes that order then we type it in under the patient’s name and bill their insurance,” said Carrington College graduate Gina.

“The things that I like about working with Carrington College graduates is that we typically see the professionalism that we like to have in our environment here. We notice that the Carrington graduates are prepared much better than some other students we’ve seen,” said Safety Drugs Managing Partner Harvey Hill.

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[1] For comprehensive consumer information, visit