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5 Tips To Help Kids Avoid Summer Brain Drain!

June 19, 2014

Student & ChildCarrington students don’t have to worry about the famous summer brain drain because our terms roll on every 6 weeks, all year long. You’re in a hurry to get your career started, and with a long July 4th weekend as your only summer holiday, there’s no chance to forget what you’ve learned! But many of our students are parents too, and your kids probably have a 10/12 week summer vacation in front of them.

Unfortunately all students experience a loss of academic skill during the lengthy summer break.The biggest impact parents can have on their child’s academic achievement is engaging in learning activities that reflect the work the child does in school. The extended summer vacation is the perfect time for you to reinforce your child’s academic learning, and help prepare them for the coming school year.

For school kids and college students, retaining information is vital to success. So while you’re working through the summer, try to encourage your children to do enough mental exercise to avoid brain drain!  Here are a few ideas that may help you to help them, although they might not make you popular:

  • Have them make a commitment to you to set aside some time to read and review their books and notes while they’re away from school.
  • Pick set days and put a couple of hours in their schedule at least twice a week; once it’s in the schedule, try to have them stick to it. Skip it the first time and they’ll likely skip it all summer!
  • Have them use the time to scan through notes, review an essay, or thumb through textbooks from the classes they were working on, especially if there were classes they found tougher than others. Maybe encourage them to look over old papers and think how they’d improve them.
  • This will help them remember the things discussed in class, the tests they took, or the exercises they did. It’s ok to be relaxed about it because they’re not studying for a test or exam, you’re just trying to help them keep their brain in gear!
  • Are there any exercises they could practice at home? Depending on their age and grade, there may be things you can to do help minimize learning loss over the summer months. Most public libraries have summer reading programs that are free and families can take advantage of other free library resources even if they don’t participate.  The National PTA (Parent Teacher Association) provides several valuable tools:

Carrington programs can be pretty demanding, and after an intensive period of study you may be wishing for a 10/12 week break yourself. But remember why you’re here – our accelerated programs help get you to where you want to be faster because of the effort, focus and commitment you put in to your education now. Enjoy the summer – study outside!