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4 ways to eliminate stress from your work day

November 22, 2013
Eliminate Stress
De-stress at work by getting a relaxing start to your day

When you have a career in health care, stress is sometimes going to be a necessary part of your day – that’s what happens when so many people rely on you for quality care. Of course, any profession comes with a bit of stress now and then. Whether you have a job as a certified medical assistant or are working in billing and coding, having the ability to reduce your work day stress will help you simplify your life and stay happy and healthy.

1. Start a bit early
Feeling rushed is one of the major causes of stress, so leaving the house just 15 to 30 minutes earlier than you normally do each day will help you stay relaxed when you get to work. To create a more positive start to your day, wake up an hour earlier and give yourself time to drink a cup of coffee, watch the morning news or check your Facebook updates. Easing yourself into the day will eliminate feelings of agitation or nervousness.1

2. Exercise
Endorphins are an effective way to boost your mood, so try going for a quick run during your break on your next  shift. Even if you can only do a few laps around your building, it will do wonders for your stress levels and help you clear your thoughts.2

3. Keep a journal
Although you may not necessarily want to write in your journal at work, making a note of your thoughts at the end of the day can help you release any feelings of stress you may have accumulated from your job or other parts of your life. This can be a great way to get out any emotions that have arisen from contentious situations, particularly when you can’t confront the person responsible – maybe it’s your boss. Just 15 minutes of journal-writing a few times a week will do wonders for your stress levels.3

4. Know what you can control
For people who like to be in control, realizing that there are some aspects of life that you cannot control can be difficult. The next time something is causing stress in your life, take a deep breath; think about what you can do to remedy the situation and what you have no control over. Fix what you can, and accept the reality of what you cannot. Don’t push yourself to fix impossible situations! It will just cause unnecessary stress.4

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