What impact will this have on my education? How will this affect my student experience?

The Carrington College accreditation change will have no impact on your education. You will still receive the quality education you’ve come to expect from Carrington, and you won’t notice any changes to your student experience as a result of this change. As always, we review our curriculum and processes on a regular basis to make sure we are meeting the latest industry needs and will continue to do so under our new accrediting agency. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please let us know – we are all ears.

Will there be a lapse in accreditation?

No. The change in our institutional accreditor to ACCJC/WASC has already taken place and there was no lapse in our accreditation.

Now that we accredited by ACCJC/WASC, is my degree still valid?

Of course! Your credentials, whether they are certificate or degree level, are from Carrington College and a shift in our institutional accreditor doesn’t change that. You’re putting in a lot of hard work to earn that certificate/degree and you should continue to feel confident in the value of your education.

Will my faculty member/teacher change as a result of this new accreditation?

No. We aren’t planning changes to your instructors as a result of this new institutional accreditor. Carrington evaluates our faculty on a regular basis to help ensure you are receiving the best quality education.

Will this change student eligibility for financial aid?

No. Your eligibility for student financing will not be affected by this change.

Why did we decide to pursue accreditation with ACCJC/WASC?

Recognizing all campuses under the same institutional accrediting organization allows Carrington to streamline efforts and resources and better serve the needs of our students. The expansion of our accreditation validates our mission and our commitment to constantly evolve so we can deliver exceptional education and guidance to our students and prepare them for the health care careers of tomorrow. It also means that you will have more Carrington campus locations available to you and an expanded network of clinical partners.

Will this impact any programmatic accreditations?

The change of institutional accreditor will not impact programmatic accreditation. Our goal is to maintain existing programmatic accreditations that are of value and seek additional programmatic accreditations where there’s a benefit, while continuing to meet all state authorization requirements.

Is there anything I need to do as a result of this change?

No. The change to ACCJC/WASC has already been completed.

Will we be changing the college name?

No. As the Starting Point for Health Care Careers, Carrington represents an educational environment that is supportive, built for the reality of your life and provides you with the skills employers are looking for. This will not change.