Medical Administrative Assistant Program in Stockton, CA

Classes start on March 21, 2016

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*Formerly known as the Health Care Administration program.

Our Stockton Medical Administrative Assistant program provides graduates with the skills to perform the duties expected of an entry level Medical Administrative Assistants in a hospital, nursing home, clinic, or physician’s office. Because the front office is the nerve center of a medical facility, they need to be staffed by well organized, efficient front office professionals who will keep them running smoothly.

So if you’re researching Medical Administrative Assisting schools in Stockton, CA, be sure to add Carrington College to your list of programs to consider:

  • Graduates are awarded a Certificate of Achievement or Associate of Science degree in the Medical Administrative Assistant program
  • A blend of classroom study and practical, hands-on experience to build your skills
  • Upon completion of your coursework, gain real world field experience during an externship in Stockton

A real world Medical Administrative Assistant course in Stockton

The skills you learn at college in Stockton can prepare you for the world as it is now; but it is up to the individual graduate to stay current in their profession as the world moves on. This is especially true for Medical Administrative Assistants because the healthcare industry is a dynamic, constantly evolving field.

Medical Administrative Assistants have to deal with new technology, updated delivery systems, and ever-changing regulations; they need to stay up to date in an industry that is in constant flux. To help prepare them for success, we can teach students the skills they need now, but we also try to instill the capacity for continual learning.

Students are taught a range of skills including medical law and ethics, medical terminology, medical billing and coding, bookkeeping, and medical records management. Specialized administrative assisting skills and office management duties are also covered, including office software, space planning, human resources, and physician scheduling.

Graduates of our Stockton Medical Administrative Assistant program should leave us with the skills and confidence to:

  • Take on the challenges that face entry-level Medical Administrative Assistants
  • Use all automated medical office systems with confidence
  • Complete all necessary clerical and bookkeeping duties
  • Manage patient records safely and securely
  • Display their enhanced critical thinking, and information management skills
  • Communicate confidently with their peers

Medical Administrative Assistant classes enrolling soon in Stockton, CA

We have Medical Administrative Assistant classes enrolling soon at our Stockton, CA, campus. Speak to a Carrington College Enrollment Services Representative today and they will be able to answer all your questions about our Stockton Medical Administrative Assistant program.