Spokane, Washington Medical Office Management Program

Classes start on August 8, 2016

Considering studying Medical Office Management in Spokane, WA? Here are a number of excellent reasons to add the Medical Office Management degree program at our Carrington College Spokane campus to your list of schools to think about:

  • Our program culminates in an Associate of Occupational Studies degree in Medical Office Management
  • The Spokane program can typically be completed in as few as nine months1
  • Students learn their skills through a mix of general education and business management courses that include Office Management & Procedures, Customer Service, and Business Math and Accounting

So what do Medical Office Managers do? Medical offices need capable, skilled people in charge; individuals who can keep the business running efficiently and provide strong, confident leadership. Medical Office Managers use their specialized skills to manage the day to day front office operations of healthcare businesses like clinics, doctors’ offices, and hospitals.

Take Medical Office Management classes in Spokane, WA

Medical offices need to operate efficiently to be able to deliver high quality care to their patients, and that’s where qualified Medical Office Managers can apply their skills. We prepare our Spokane graduates for entry-level positions out in the real world, with an education they can be proud of; they are taught critical business areas like customer service, office management and accounting, and should be able to leave with the skills and confidence to:

  • Deliver high standards of customer service
  • Ensure the continued delivery of quality healthcare
  • Develop, plan, and implement medical office policies and procedures
  • Manage and supervise staff in a medical office setting
  • Display their critical thinking and information management skills

Our Spokane program produces confident Office Management graduates

While Medical Office Management duties do vary from place to place, most general tasks and responsibilities are similar. Medical Office Managers also have to face the challenges that come with the role; they have to handle sensitive personnel and human resource issues; they may have to implement unpopular policies or procedures.

To face challenges like these, and to ensure continued delivery of quality health care, graduates need to be strong and confident. The Medical Office Management training provided at our Spokane campus provides graduates with the skills and confidence they need to operate in the real world.

Medical Office Management classes are enrolling soon at our Carrington College Spokane campus. If you believe that you have the skills to succeed in this specialized field, why not discuss your options with a Carrington College Enrollment Services Representative today.