Pomona, California Medical Billing and Coding Program

Classes start on March 21, 2016

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We know that healthcare is not an exact science, that’s why medical codes were introduced to standardize diagnoses. At the Pomona campus, we also know that Medical Billing & Coding (MBC) are mutually supporting disciplines, which is why we have combined them into one Medical Billing & Coding program.

A Medical Coding specialist makes certain that the correct codes are used based on the diagnosis given and services provided. A Billing specialist then takes those codes and processes them for payment. In larger medical offices these will often be different roles, but in smaller offices one person may perform both functions.

If you are looking for a career in the medical field that doesn’t involve patient care, you should consider our Pomona Medical Billing & Coding program because:

  • It culminates in a Certificate of Achievement or an Associate of Science degree in Medical Billing and Coding
  • It is a good blend of theory, practice and experience that prepares graduates for the real world
  • MBC specialists are responsible for patient records that track symptoms, medical histories, lab tests & more
  • They also input patient data that generates revenue and profit for their organization
  • You can build your experience during an externship in a clinical environment in or around Pomona

Medical Billing & Coding in Pomona – Our program counts

Medical Billing & Coding program students need to be well-organized, accurate, and have an eye for detail because as professionals they will deal with very important data, numbers, and records. The experienced faculty members at our Pomona campus teach students a wide variety of specialized skills, including how to interpret medical records accurately, how to code information, and how to use software to prepare health insurance claims forms.

Pomona MBC program students also learn about human anatomy, medical terminology, and the ethical, legal, and regulatory standards expected by those working in medical records management. Our graduates should have the skills and the confidence to:

  • Perform medical coding
  • Undertake medical insurance billing and claims processing
  • Take care of any necessary office administration tasks
  • Communicate professionally with colleagues, patients, and visitors
  • Demonstrate their critical thinking and information management skills

Get a Medical Billing & Coding education in Pomona

Medical Billing & Coding professionals employ their specialist skills to maintain and manage essential patient records and important financial data. If you are well organized and have good attention to detail, this may be the career for you.

Speak with a Carrington College Enrollment Services Representative about joining our Pomona Medical Billing & Coding classes and getting a real world education – an education that could help you land a position in healthcare that doesn’t involve patient care! Call today because our Medical Billing and Coding program will be enrolling soon right here in Pomona, CA.