Pomona, California Dental Assisting Program

Classes start on February 8, 2016

Gainful Employment Disclosures

You can’t beat a bright, beautiful smile! As a Dental Assistant that works chair-side with dentists during patient exams and procedures, you’ll be instrumental in helping people regain their brilliant smiles! And as Dental Assisting is a profession forecast to grow 31% in the coming few years1, you may be wearing a beaming smile of your own!

If you’re thinking about going to dental school in Pomona, you need to know that according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of dental assistants is expected to grow 25% from 2012 to 2022.1  Smiling yet?  Here are a few important things you need to know about the Dental Assisting program at our Carrington College California Pomona campus:

  • It culminates in a Certificate of Achievement or an Associate of Science degree in Dental Assisting
  • Learn your skills through a mix of classroom lectures, hands-on lab experience, and  practical training during an externship
  • Students are taught Dental Assisting classes that cover patient prep, charting, and front office admin tasks
  • We prepare you for the California Dental Board Exam for licensure as a Registered Dental Assistant2
  • The program includes preparation for the X-ray exam and a coronal polish certificate, which are approved by the Dental Board of California (DBC)2
  • Our Pomona Dental Assisting faculty prepares you for entry level roles in dental offices, hospitals and clinics

Learn versatility on the Dental Assisting program in Pomona, CA

In addition to their chair-side duties, Dental Assistants are multitalented team members who also provide patients with oral health advice, post-operative care, and perform a range of administration duties in the front office.  The Dental Assisting certificate and/or associate degree program at our Pomona, CA, campus provides students with the chance to learn a range of versatile skills that employers look for when recruiting entry-level Dental Assistants.

Successful graduates of the Dental Assisting program in Pomona should have the skills and the confidence to:

  • Help the Dentist by confidently performing all required chair-side duties
  • Carry out Radiographs (x-rays) after licensure and Coronal Polishes after certification2
  • Exhibit good communication, critical thinking, and information management skills
  • Demonstrate their personal and professional development
  • Always show respect and responsibility to colleagues and patients

Pomona Dental Assisting classes with bite!

Graduates of the Dental Assisting program at our Pomona campus have a taste of what working in a real-world dental care facility is all about. The hands-on experience they gain on the program, including a priceless externship in or around Pomona, prepares them for situations they’ll regularly face in their career.

Our Pomona Dental Assisting classes will be enrolling soon. So if you’d like a Dental Assisting education with a little bite, one that will prepare you for life outside of the classroom, speak with a Carrington College California Enrollment Services Representative today.